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Advancing Municipal Leaders: Education from NCLM

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Advancing Municipal Leaders (AML) is a member-driven education program designed to provide continuous learning opportunities and help local elected officials and city staff be successful in their roles. 

Through AML, municipal officials will learn how to meet - and exceed - the requirements of their role in office. Courses include a comprehensive overview of North Carolina municipal government and are presented by the League and our partners who are dedicated to the learning and development of municipal officials.​

Who should attend AML courses? 

All municipal officials – elected and staff  – should attend. From open meetings to municipal finances and topics in between, our courses are designed to bring officials up to speed on the constantly evolving world of municipal government. Current officials will also find incredible value in the up-to-date information on municipal operations and networking opportunities.

When are the courses?

All live events (both webinars and in-person) will be included on the Events Calendar. The On-Demand Course Catalog offers you 24/7 access to select classes that can be completed at your convenience. 

Check back regularly for new offerings and stay informed by subscribing to our weekly AML newsletter that announces classes and registration information.

Where are the courses?

In-person, online, on-demand, and at our annual conference, CityVision. 

Can a course be offered near my hometown?

Yes! ​We are always looking for host towns. If you are interested in hosting a course for your local leaders and your neighboring communities, please contact us at

Also, keep an eye on our schedule of events, as classes are regularly offered across North Carolina -- probably near you!

Why should I attend?

Not only do participants receive valuable information and education through AML courses, but also they can earn credits toward three certification levels of municipal leadership: Certificate of Municipal Achievement, Certificate of Municipal Excellence, and Certificate of Municipal Dedication. 

What are the AML Certifications?

​Campaigning? Trying to boost your resume, or seeking a promotion? Or, do you simply want acknowledgement for your commitment to education? Our Certificate Program is for you. 

AML Certificates showcase your expertise in municipal leadership and your committment to professional development. All honorees will be recognized at NCLM's annual conference, CityVision!

What courses do you offer?

This list is constantly changing, so stay tuned for new offerings. Below is our current list of trainings, by category:

Municipal Leadership

Best practices for how to lead and serve in a local government role.

    • Municipal Supervisory Basics
    • Essentials of Municipal Customer Service
    • Ethics for Elected Officials
    • How To Run a Board Meeting: Basic Rules of Municipal Procedure
    • DIRECT: Diversity, Inclusion, and Racial Equity for Cities and Towns
    • Commit to Civility


A category dedicated to the most important aspect of municipal leadership: financial management.

    • Municipal Finance: Comprehensive Fiscal Training for Governing Bodies
    • The 10 Keys to Municipal Financial Management
    • Utility Management Best Practices​

Local Government 101

The basics of government! Covering the fundamentals of elected office, as well as the complex topic of HR and employee management.

    • HR 101
    • New Mayors School
    • Council Academy


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Certificate of Municipal Achievement

Boost your resume and widen your knowledge of local government with our Certificate of Municipal Achievement. 

Achieved with 12 hours of completed training,

Those that earn this certificate will be honored at NCLM's annual conference, CityVision. 

Certificate of Municipal Excellence 

AML's second level of achievement builds upon your understanding of municipal government. Municipal leaders will gain an even deeper understanding of governing at the local level. 

Achieved with 25 hours of completed training,

Those that earn this certificate will be honored at NCLM's annual conference, CityVision. 

Certificate of Municipal Dedication

Our most prestigious educational certificate, honoring our local leaders most dedicated to continuing education. 

Achieved with 40 hours of completed training, and maintained with 6 additional hours of continuing education each year.

Those that earn this certificate will be honored at NCLM's annual conference, CityVision.