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Property & Casualty

Our core package includes general and auto liability, and property coverage for buildings and contents; all other coverages are optional. We allow members to choose their own deductible amount, which allows you to control the level of risk the municipality retains and provides more control over the premiums you pay.

Property & Casualty: What We Do

Members work directly with the League’s professional risk management services staff; underwriters, claims adjusters, risk control and member services field consultants.  Policy information is available via the policy portal for members to access their schedules, request certificates of insurance, and communicate with the underwriting staff.  Daily claims updates and information are available via our online claims dashboard. Further, we continuously monitor claims data to determine trends and identify risk exposures, which in turn, are used to develop future risk control/safety trainings.

During the 1980's local governments across the United States found it difficult to find insurance through the commercial market.  Carriers considered local governments either too risky or generally not profitable.  Most towns and cities either experienced substantial rate increase or non-renewal notices from carriers.  
A group of North Carolina towns and cities came to the League asking for assistance to provide affordable property-casualty insurance.  In 1986, the Interlocal Risk Financing Fund of North Carolina (IRFFNC) self-insured pool was formed under NCGS Chapter 160A, Article 20.  Also known as the Property-Casualty (PC Pool) or Trust (PC Trust), is administered through the North Carolina League of Municipalities overseen by the Risk Management Services Board of Trustees.  IRFFNC is available to all NC towns and cities as well as quasi-municipal entities (i.e., libraries, housing authorities, council of government, water & sewer authorities, downtown development associations and airports).   In order to become a member of IRFFNC, a local government entity must qualify as a League member.  As administrator for the PC Trust, the League's staff provides underwriting, claims, loss control/safety and member services.  Each member is assigned a member services and risk control/safety field consultants to assist onsite.  

Property & Casualty and Workers' Comp Claims Central

Attention, Members of the Property & Casualty Trust:

If your municipality/organization has experienced property damage related to a hurricane, contact the League's Claims Team