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NCLM Member Services

Member Services

For over 100 years, the NC League of Municipalities has been one voice working for a better, stronger North Carolina. We are a full-service association working for cities and towns, led by cities and towns.

What does that mean, exactly? It means we help cities stay insured, with coverages historically not offered by private insurers. It means we keep towns informed—on the impacts of legislation, on what’s happening around the state, on safety and wellness, and on best practices and strategies. And it means we act as an on-the-ground extension of local governments, both as municipal advocates at the legislature and a consultative experts in the cities and towns themselves.

Legal Consulting & Services

​​​​Answering inquiries on a variety of legal topics is one of the longest-running services of the League.

Financial & Operational Consulting

The League can assist member municipalities with a wide range of financial and other operational issues. We recognize that population shifts, demographic changes and evolving operational demands can represent significant tests for our members.

Employment Liability

​​​​The League can assist member cities and towns with a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from large projects such as pay-class studies to guiding a member through a single human resource related issue. 

Racial Equity Programming

DIRECT: Diversity, Inclusion & Racial Equity for Cities & Towns

DIRECT helps North Carolina cities and towns, as well as their elected and appointed officials, strengthen their communities by identifying and addressing racial disparities at the local level.

DIRECT works alongside municipal leaders to acknowledge existing inequalities, identify local history and data, and examine municipal policies and procedures that contribute to structural and systemic racism in local communities. Through this shared understanding and knowledge, DIRECT empowers local officials to develop strategies that work toward stronger, more equitable communities. 

NCLM believes that the DIRECT Approach will help cities and towns with the understanding and shared language necessary to tackle racial equity and related issues in a robust and practical way.