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CityVision Annual Conference


​CityVision Virtual Summit | April 20-22, 2021

CityVision Virtual Summit is a 3-day, fully interactive online event focused on municipal growth, leadership and networking opportunities for North Carolina local government officials.

Agenda At-A-Glance

Over 20+ educational sessions in just 3 days! Some of our topics include:

  • Entrepreneurs Can Shift Your Community’s Optimism and Initiate a Transformation
  • Crisis Communications: It’s All About the Response
  • Municipal Finance for Elected Officials
  • American Rescue Plan: Primer for Municipal Officials
  • Cyber Threat and Trends
  • Racial Equity Connecting with History
  • Redlining, Restrictive Covenants, and Municipal Zoning Authority: Jim Crow Era Laws and Policies in North Carolina – 1900 to 1955
  • Racial Equity: Making the Connection Through Data​