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Legislative & Policy Goals Planning


The League’s Public and Government Affairs staff relies upon the member-driven process and subsequently-approved policies for direction in lobbying efforts at the NC General Assembly, before​ State Boards and Commissions, and at the federal level.

Be sure that your voice is heard during this process by providing your ideas at the beginning of the process each biennium or joining the Legislative Policy Committee​​.​​


2021-22 Goals Web Preview.PNG​​​

Goals Planning Process

In 2020, the League's Board of Directors revised the member-driven process that forms our organization's legislative policy positions—their goal was to expand the process to receive as much input from all of our municipal officials that reflects the diversity of our members’ opinions and circumstances.

This member-driven process coincides with the start of each new legislative biennium. During even-numbered years, members come together to share their legislative goals and priorities. The basic process includes the following steps:

  1. Members submit their ideas for legislative policy goals online​. Ideas should ​fit into the League’s overarching policy focus areas, be actionable and be applicable to cities and towns statewide.

  2. The Policy Committee considers all submitted ideas through the lens of the League's Core Municipal Principles and policy focus areas and submits its suggestions to the Board of Directors.

  3. After reviewing and refining the Policy Committee’s suggestions, the NCLM Board of Directors presents the goals to the entire membership for a vote.

  4. Each municipality casts a single vote on the policy goals and the results are used by League staff, members and legislative leaders to advance the agenda together.​

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