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Rose Vaughn Williams, Executive Director

Taking the Field: Why Local Land-Use Rules Matter

Rose Vaughn Williams, Executive Director

Attacks on local land-use authority have been the biggest thorn in the sides of cities and towns when it comes to policy proposals at the General Assembly.

​Every year, dozens of bills are filed by state legislators calling for limitations on how cities and towns provide for zoning or other land uses. Sometimes the changes are small; sometimes great. Sometimes the bills go nowhere; sometimes they require huge efforts on the part of NCLM to try to stop or at least mitigate the damage.

At times, the N.C. Homebuilders Association, seeking more statewide standardization so that their large tract-home builders can save money by creating more uniform developments, is behind the proposed legislation. Other times, a single developer or development entity has the ear of a legislator. Or, an individual legislator is setting out to right some perceived wrong (or more often, wronging something that has long been right).

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