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Cybersecurity and Technology Services

Do the following questions keep you up at night or constantly nag at you during the day?

  • Deep down, do I believe my municipality is prepared for a cyberattack?
  • Why does it take days or weeks to resolve IT issues?
  • Why are my IT costs unpredictable and all over the place when I look at the invoices?

​VC3, the North Carolina League of Municipalities' IT consulting partner since 2007, has been making IT personal, making IT easy, and getting IT right for more than 28 years. Serving over 1,100 municipalities of all sizes, VC3's North Carolina -based engineers are supported by a deep bench of national talent.

Ready to tackle your cybersecurity and technology issues? Reach out today.


Manage Essentials (formerly known as IT in a Box) | REQUEST A QUOTE

From backing up and securing your data to modernizing your website, it's tough for municipalities to invest in the right technology and hire the best professional expertise to guide them along. To address these needs cost-effectively without taking any shortcuts, VC3 helped create a packaged technology service called Manage Essentials.

What's inside Manage Essentials?

  • Cybersecurity and computer maintenance
  • 24x7 helpdesk
  • Data backup and disaster recovery
  • Records / document management and email
  • Video archiving
  • Policy and compliance
  • Website
  • Vendor management and procurement

Manage Cloud Performance | REQUEST A QUOTE

Why pay for expensive on-premises servers, software licenses, and computers when you can host your applications in the cloud? Cloud Performance offers complete cloud hosting including 24x7 support, hosted applications and desktops within the cloud, Office 365, and VC3-provided workstations.

Manage Cloud Collaboration | REQUEST A QUOTE

Cloud Collaboration gives you the cloud-based version of Microsoft Office 365—meaning no servers and it's always up-to-date—and a VC3-provided workstation. Also, VC3 can host many of your most important line-of-business applications in the cloud.

Manage On-Premises | REQUEST A QUOTE

Your municipality can't afford to fight IT fires—especially when your operations depend so much on technology today. Manage On-Premises provides you a dedicated customer service team to handle IT issues, provide application support, and proactively monitor and maintain your systems. You also receive a dedicated strategic advisor who will meet with you quarterly. 

Manage Voice | REQUEST A QUOTE

When was the last time you looked at your phone system's cost, complexity, and functionality? Manage Voice offers Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) that can improve the quality of your phone calls, add functionality that you're currently missing, and integrate your email with your voicemail.


Protect Data Recovery | REQUEST A QUOTE

Server failure? Flooding? A tornado? Ransomware? No problem—your data is safe. Protect Data Recovery provides offsite data backup for worst-case scenario recovery after a major incident like a natural disaster. VC3 helps municipalities become operational again within hours.

Protect Shield (Managed Security) | REQUEST A QUOTE

Antivirus and firewalls alone will no longer fend off modern cyberattackers. Enhance your municipality's cybersecurity foundation with Protect Shield. Bundled services include:

  • 24x7x365 Security Team: Proactively looks for security threats across your entire IT network and responds to security incidents 24/7.
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Detects malware and potential cyberattacks on endpoint devices (servers, desktops, laptops, etc.), preventing ransomware, malware, and cyberattacks from spreading across your network.
  • End User Security Awareness Training: Provides simulated phishing tests and security awareness training to help keep employees sharp, skilled, and smart to counter cyberattackers. Includes dashboards and reporting to note training progress, identify employees who click on phishing emails, and track metrics for compliance purposes.
  • Advanced Office 365 Cloud Protection: Monitors security events 24/7/365 within the Office 365 environment, such as bad actors logging in, downloading excessive amounts of data, or making unauthorized changes.
  • Advanced Email Scanning: Encrypts your email, scans it for malware, and stops most phishing and spam attempts from ever reaching your employees.
  • Advanced Web Protection: Proactively blocks users from accessing websites that may cause harm to your municipality.
  • Dark Web Vulnerability Scanning: Scans the dark web to uncover compromised credentials shared or sold by criminals, giving you information you need to act.

Security Awareness Training | REQUEST A QUOTE

90% of cyberattacks begin in an email.

To keep your employees trained and ready to resist a cyberattacker's tricks, VC3's Security Awareness Training service provides:

  • Monthly automated phishing tests that identify people in your organization who are vulnerable to clicking on bad links and attachments.
  • Quarterly security training that covers safe computing practices.
  • Monthly management reports and ongoing training support.


The North Carolina League of Municipalities and VC3 can customize plans depending on the number of your employees and the size of your city's technology infrastructure. This customization makes cybersecurity and technology services affordable for your budget, from the smallest town to the largest city.

Contact the North Carolina League of Municipalities or VC3 so that we may assess your needs and begin the quote process.


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