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Trust Matters, May 2018

​​​From the Claims Corner​

The League Welcomes New Risk Control Consultants

There's more to Insurance Coverage than the Premium


From the Claims Corne​​r​​

Lou Holtz, former football coach, amateur magician, and inspirational speaker, once said, “Nothing on this earth is standing still. It's either growing or it's dying. No matter if it's a tree or a human being." I will add to that quote - our claims organization does not stand still, and we strive to keep growing.

Due to reorganization and retirements, the Workers' Compensation and Property & Casualty Claim Units have undergone change in the last few months. Four new employees have joined the organization, new teams have been created and new procedures have been implemented. On the horizon is a substantially upgraded IVOS, our claim management system.

We have also contracted with DONNCO to assist us in evaluating our current contracts, negotiating better terms of those contracts, and monitoring results on our Workers' Compensation managed care programs (medical bill review, PPO, case management, PBM). This arrangement should result in significant indemnity savings in to the Workers' Compensation Trust (NCIRMA) while still providing top-notch medical service to our members' employees.

Change is inevitable in our legal system, and these changes can alter decisions made by adjusters. Therefore we closely monitor changes in statutes and opinions from all levels of the court systems so we can make proper decisions and properly protect our members.

While change is a constant, delivering excellent customer service is part of our culture that will not change. New staff members are quickly mentored about the importance of our members and our desire to serve the towns, villages, and cities for whom we write insurance and for whom we handle claims. Our members, as part of the NCLM family, are very important to us and it is critical that all of us deliver on the promise of awesome customer service. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you!

Willie Wilson, CPCU, Acting Director of Claims/P&C Claim Manager


The League Welcomes New Risk Control Consultants

The League welcomed Tony (TJ) DeLuca and Darius Chisholm as our newest risk control consultants in March 2018. TJ has over 20 years of experience in safety and risk management and comes to us from Durham County, where he was responsible for the management and operation of the Risk Control and Safety Office. TJ also worked for eight years as the Facilities Services Safety Manager for the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Prior to moving to North Carolina, TJ served for 12 years as a firefighter with the New York City Fire Department. TJ also works as an instructor with Wake Technical College where he teaches at the fire training academy and OSHA safety classes. He will be serving our members in the central/northern part of the state

Darius has over 15 years of experience in safety and risk management and was previously working for the City of Salisbury, where he served as Risk Manager. Darius also worked in safety for Union County, Lance, Inc., Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, and the North Carolina Department of Labor, where he served as an OSHA Compliance Officer and Consultant. Darius holds a B.S. in Environmental Health and Safety from East Carolina University and is a certified manager of environmental safety and health. He will be serving our members in the central/southern part of the state.

TJ and Darius are available to help members with their risk management needs including:

  • Hazard identification
  • Risk mitigation
  • Safety training
  • Claims analysis
  • Facility inspections
  • Accident and injury prevention

Members are encouraged to contact TJ and Darius for assistance with their risk control needs. TJ can be reached by cell phone at (919) 830-6999 or Darius is available by phone at (704)491-9493 or


There's More to Insurance Coverage Than the Premium​

For more than 30 years, the League has been proud to serve as the most trusted and experienced municipal insurer in North Carolina. We are member-owned and member-governed, so 100% of our focus is on what's best for cities and towns in our insurance pools, and we put any savings back into developing programs that help members.

Our dedicated underwriting team is constantly evaluating coverage needs, limits, insurance terms and conditions and more to remain competitive in the marketplace. In addition to insurance coverages, we also have seasoned and experienced claims personnel ready to respond to your Property & Casualty and/or Workers' Compensation claims in a timely matter. Employees in our risk control section also provide unparalleled risk control consulting, risk assessment, training and education. In short, we're here for our members, providing a comprehensive risk management solution that adds value beyond a traditional insurance policy.

We know that budgets are a deciding factor when making insurance decisions. That's one reason why the League works to include many value-add services and member benefits for no additional cost – be sure to utilize all the services we include so that you do not duplicate those expenses in your budget from additional vendors. When considering your insurance vendor, remember to include the inclusion or absence of these extra services in your comparison.

For the 2018 -2019 policy term, the League is offering the following enhancements:

New Casualty Liability Limits:

All liability limits will be increased to $5,000,000 per occurrence/per member effective July 1, 2018. The current per member minimum limits of $1,000,000 have not been amended in many years; if ever. Increasing all liability limits will help the members in today's increasingly litigious climate and also help with the large number of required contract provisions for high limits being imposed on the membership such as railroad protective liability.

Package Credits:

A 3% credit is applied to the workers compensation premium to any eligible member that participates in both of the League's insurance pools, the Property & Casualty Trust (IRFFNC) and the Workers' Compensation Trust (NCIRMA) as of July 1. If your entity is not currently receiving this credit, please contact us to discuss, and if you join the Property and Casualty Trust effective July 1, then you will begin receiving the package credit. Conversely if a municipality non-renews its Property and Casualty Trust coverage, then it will lose the package credit.

Property Appraisals:

An added benefit provided to the League's Property & Casualty Trust members is that we provide a FREE property appraisal service that helps to determine the insurance replacement cost for your insured buildings. The League has contracted with HCA Asset Management, LLC to perform the appraisals. An HCA appraisal team will contact Property & Casualty Trust members to schedule a specific time and date to perform the appraisal inspection. HCA began these appraisals in the eastern part of North Carolina in September 2017 and will conclude the five-year project in western North Carolina.

Workers' Compensation Employer Liability Limits:

Employer Liability Limits increased to $500,000/$500,000/$500,000

Workers' Compensation Size of Premium Credit:

A size of premium credit will be given to all policies that are $2,000 and higher. This is based on an industry standard sliding scale and depending on the Workers' Compensation premium size, some members could get as much as a 10% credit.​