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Municipal Officials Tout Local Investments, Discuss Revenue Options

​Nearly 600 NCLM Members Attend Town Hall Day 

March 29, 2017​

(RALEIGH)  -- Nearly 600 municipal officials from across North Carolina came to the state capital on Wednesday to meet with legislators as the N.C. League of Municipalities held its annual Town Hall Day. This year's attendance eclipsed any in recent memory, and comes less than two weeks after the organization's staff was forced to vacate the buildings that housed League operations due to the massive fire at an adjoining property.

“This year's attendance is a testament to the commitment and dedication of our members and staff," said League President and Zebulon Mayor Bob Matheny. “We have come here today to show that we need a strong partnership across all levels of government to get to where our cities and towns want to be and where they need to be."

Municipal officials attending the event emphasized issues ranging from providing municipalities with more financial flexibility to improving broadband access. They also touted the roles that cities and towns across the state are playing in promoting economic growth and job creation, and how specific municipal investments are taking place with that goal in mind.

Those efforts are the subject of a promotional campaign launched by the League, Here We Grow (, that is enabling cities and towns to tell their own stories and promote their own economic development efforts.

“Our members have great stories to tell about how they are working in partnership with private-sector businesses and other public-sector partners on projects that are making our state's economy stronger. Here We Grow is helping to tell those stories, and we would hope show how important it is that municipalities have the authority to pursue their residents' own unique visions of what their cities and towns should be," said Executive Director Paul Meyer.

About the League

The North Carolina League of Municipalities is a membership association of 540 great hometowns – representing nearly every municipality in the state. The League advocates for its members, from the largest city to the smallest village, on the full range of legislative issues that affect municipalities.

For more than 100 years, the League has promoted – and continues to promote – good government by offering non-partisan advocacy, insurance and other services – as directed by its membership.​​