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Law Enforcement Risk Review

The Law Enforcement Risk Review process includes a policy review and comprehensive agency site-evaluation, designed to validate that policies and practices are meeting the recommended best practices. As changes are needed during the review, recommendations are simply made and the time given for the needed changes to take effect. 

This ever-evolving initiative was peer-constructed and reviewed by the League's Police Chiefs Advisory Committee, comprised of chiefs from more than 12 agencies from across North Carolina. As new risk-related issues are identified through the tracking of losses regionally and nationally, new categories are adopted and added to the review process.

This review is supported by the N.C. Association of Chiefs of Police, and is free for Property & Casualty Trust members. This process truly is a comprehensive review of the 40 High-Risk categories in law enforcement, and an agency's adherence to best practices and policies as they relate to these categories. The Risk Review is not intended to be a version of CALEA Accreditation or a replacement. 

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