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Health Insurance


The League's Health Benefits Trust medical plans are designed with local government employees and their dependents in mind.

Download the full HBT Benefits Brochure
​Whether you are a large or small group, we offer flexible plan options. Smaller groups (less than 50 employees) are allowed to offer more than one plan, giving employees additional choice. Larger groups have the flexibility to customize plans, maximizing savings and employee choice.

Benefits are administered by MedCost. Members have the flexibility to choose providers and facilities that are included in MedCost’s large provider network, which includes every hospital system in North Carolina. 

High Deductible Health Plans and Administrative Services Only (ASO) arrangements for self-funded health plans are also available and can be customized to meet your employer group’s coverage needs.

Prescription Drug Benefit

The Health Benefits Trust has a standard prescription benefit, that allows flexibility in copayments to meet the member’s needs. The standard benefit includes a $5 copay for a 30-day supply of generic prescriptions; brand and non-preferred brand drugs are higher. MedCost’s extensive pharmacy network includes local, independent pharmacies and national chains.

Personal Care Management

This program is a proactive approach to health care. Individuals who are at risk for developing chronic and costly medical conditions learn how they can reduce their risk and improve their health. This type of programming results in long-term savings for employer groups. Unlike most traditional disease management programs, Personal Care Management members don’t have to wait until they are diagnosed with a specific disease to be included in the program; the program works with dependents as well.

On-Demand Patient Education

Healthy living is just a click away with MedCost’s Online Personal Health Suite. The site is a one-stop shop for employees looking for health and wellness tools and information. Several 12-week Health Living Program modules are available to help employees achieve better health; subjects include Weight Loss, Healthy Heart, Healthy Kids, Healthy Seniors, and more.

SmartStarts Maternity Management

SmartStarts is a comprehensive prenatal program that provides expectant mothers with the education and support they need to carry their babies to full-term. SmartStarts is a great way for both mother and child to get a healthy start together and can significantly reduce the financial impact of maternity/newborn care – participants enrolled during their first trimester receive $150, or $75 if they enroll during their second trimester.

TELADOC makes accessing health care fast, easy and affordable.

Telehealth services, including telephonic consultations and videoconferencing, can make medical care more accessible and convenient for your employees while reducing medical expenses for your health plan.​