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HBT Wellness Program


Unparalled Wellness

The Health Benefits Trust has the most generous wellness benefit in North Carolina – in fact, we are confident that if we put our wellness program up against any other provider in the entire country, we’d come out on top.  

Wellness Program Testimonial Quote

Implementing wellness incentives that help prevent and identify illness is a proven way to achieve long-term cost savings. Employers benefit by having reduced claims, and employees have access to health education and earlier interventions if health issues do arise. ​

We cover wellness exams and preventative screenings at 100% with no age or frequency limits, and in addition to several traditional wellness programs, we pay for members to participate in programs like Wondr Health​ and TrestleTree tobacco cessation​. 

Our Wellness Benefit provides coverage for preventative services such as routine physical exams, screenings, immunizations, and routine laboratory tests and X-rays. Think of it as a way to cover the routine tests and exams you need in order to determine the state of your health, saving your regular coverage for illness or injury. 

Wellness Program Requirements (2021)

All active covered individuals (employees and spouses) must meet the following wellness screening requirements, as applicable:

Note: Due to COVID-19 and the related difficulties with scheduling medical office visits and elective procedures, the cancer screening listed below (Mammogram, Pap test and colonoscopy) will be waived for the 2021 calendar year. Members will not be charged the 10 percent penalty if they are unable to complete these visits and/or procedures. 

However, covered employees and their spouses are required to complete the annual wellness visits/routine physical and Personal Care Management for calendar year 2021 in order to avoid the 10 percent penalty. 
  • Annual wellness visit/routine physical to check blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, etc. (required for 2021)
  • Mammogram every year for women ages 45 through 54; every 2 years for women ages 55 or older. (waived for 2021)
  • A colonoscopy every 10 years, beginning at age 50. (waived for 2021)
  • A Pap test every 3 years for women, beginning at age 21. (waived for 2021)
  • Participation in the Personal Care Management (PCM) health coaching program if MedCost contacts you about enrolling. (required for 2021)

Wellness Grants

Members of the Health Benefits Trust are also eligible to apply for Wellness Grants of up to $2,500 annually. Learn more about our Wellness Grant program and apply online!​​​