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HBT Wellness Program


Unparalled Wellness

The Health Benefits Trust has the most generous wellness benefit in North Carolina – in fact, we are confident that if we put our wellness program up against any other provider in the entire country, we’d come out on top.  

Wellness Program Testimonial Quote

Implementing wellness incentives that help prevent and identify illness is a proven way to achieve long-term cost savings. Employers benefit by having reduced claims, and employees have access to health education and earlier interventions if health issues do arise. ​

We cover wellness exams and preventative screenings at 100% with no age or frequency limits, and in addition to several traditional wellness programs, we pay for members to participate in programs like Wondr Health​ and TrestleTree tobacco cessation​. 

Our Wellness Benefit provides coverage for preventative services such as routine physical exams, screenings, immunizations, and routine laboratory tests and X-rays. Think of it as a way to cover the routine tests and exams you need in order to determine the state of your health, saving your regular coverage for illness or injury. 

Wellness Program Requirements 

​As you are aware, the League's Risk Management Board of Trustees has wellness requirements in place Wellness. These requirements are designed to help members become healthier and to better control premium costs for all participants. 

Please check your non-compliance list in the MedCost Portal throughout the year, and encourage your employees to meet these requirements before the end of the calendar year to avoid a 10 percent surcharge.

The full list of requirements are as follows:

  • Annual wellness visit/routine physical to check blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, etc. 
  • Participation in the Personal Care Management (PCM) health coaching program if MedCost contacts you about enrolling. 

Although not required, the age appropriate cancer screenings remain covered at 100%.  Health Benefits Trust encourages its members to engage in these screenings.

Wellness Requirements are not applicable to COBRA participants or dependent children. Wellness Requirements are not applicable to pre-65 retirees as defined by the applicable governmental entity, unless specifically designated to apply by such governmental entity.

Please note: your insurance does NOT have a 365 day rule, meaning you can visit your doctor anytime in the calendar year for your wellness regardless of the last visit. ​

Wellness Grants

Members of the Health Benefits Trust are also eligible to apply for Wellness Grants of up to $2,500 annually. Learn more about our Wellness Grant program and apply online!​​​