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HBT Frequently Asked Questions

​HBT Coverage Options and Questions Answered (Video)


I have an employee that's terminating this month. Can he continue his health coverage under the Municipal Insurance Trust? Am I responsible for notifying them of COBRA?

The employee can continue his medical, dental and vision coverage under COBRA. He can only continue those coverages that are in place at the time of termination; in other words, the employee cannot start a new coverage.

The employer must submit a group change card to the League in order for the COBRA process to begin. We provide the termination date to MedCost Benefit Services, who then sends the COBRA notification to the employee's home mailing address. The employee has 60 days from the date of notification to elect COBRA coverage. They have 45 days from the date they elected COBRA to make their first payment, which includes all premiums retroactive to the date of termination.

The COBRA Services Unit at MedCost will send monthly billing statements to the COBRA participant each month. The employee can call the COBRA Hotline at 800-845-3314 for all COBRA-related questions. As a courtesy t​o you, your COBRA participants will appear on the employers' invoice, but with no charge. Remember, the COBRA participant is responsible for payments and is being billed.

Will our onsite group screening be covered under the wellness benefit?

Yes. A "list bill" must be submitted to MedCost Benefit Services for processing. A list bill is a bill from the provider of service that includes the following information: patient names, social security numbers, provider's name, addr​ess, phone number, tax ID number, CPT code and diagnosis.

My employee hasn't gotten his medical ID card. What should I do?

For ID cards, you can contact MedCost Benefit Services at 1-800-795-1023.​

Who should I call when I have a question about each benefit plan? 

We're here to answer your questions! Always feel free to contact League staff when you have questions, and we've also created this list of Key Contacts​.