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Dental Insurance

The Health Benefits Trust offers three benefit plan designs to give your employees flexibility on the dental coverage they need. Coverage is available for a variety of services.

Depending on the services provided, coverage is based on either a fixed-fee schedule (Plan I) or a percentage of reasonable and customary (Plan II and Plan III). Deductibles are waived for preventive services. A pretreatment estimate is available if charges for service are expected to be more than $200. Coverage details, including limitations and exclusions, are contained in the summary plan description.

Preventive | Class I Expenses

Includes but is not limited to oral exams, cleaning or X-rays.

Basic Restorative | Class II Expenses

Includes but is not limited to fillings, periodontal scaling, extractions or root canal therapy.

Major Restorative | Class III Expenses

Includes but is not limited to crowns, dentures or bridges.

Orthodontics Coverage

Coverage for orthodontia can be added to any benefit plan for dependent children age 25 and younger.