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 North Carolina Rx Card Program 

For North Carolina League of Municipalities members and their communities

Prescriptions are the fastest-rising component of health care spending. The North Carolina League of Municipalities partnered with United Networks of America (UNA) and Restat to offer a program that benefits cities and their citizens.

The card provides prescription discounts with no strings attached. It’s useful for people who are uninsured or underinsured and can also assist most anyone with prescriptions not covered on other benefit plans.   

UNA and Restat are two of the nation’s leading benefits providers. The Rx Card program is helping thousands of people across the country. The program model worked with associations such as the Kentucky League of Cities, Indiana Association of Cities and Towns, Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina, American Farm Bureau, Inc., and the Maryland State Medical Society.  Now the League is bringing it to North Carolina cities.   

The North Carolina Rx Card program is provided to members at no cost. 

Cities can position the Rx Card as a resource for all citizens who simply present the card at their pharmacy (click here to find a pharmacy near you).  Should they choose to use it, there are no strings attached- no paperwork, no fees, and it’s totally confidential. The value of this program is that it allows you to direct people to a service and costs your city nothing to implement.

This may also be used to supplement your current  health benefit or to provide a benefit if one is not offered to your own municipal employees. 

Beyond prescriptions, the North Carolina Rx Card program also offers discounts on other types of services including eyeglasses, LASIK surgery, hearing plans, dental plans, diabetic supplies and even teeth whitening. 

While we all want to improve the overall health of our communities, this program is one easy-to-use tool to help many afford the medications they need. 

Benefits to your city

  • Offers citizens something everyone can use
  • No follow-up after distribution
  • Assists at-risk and general populations
  • Opportunities to collaborate with social service organizations, schools, healthcare and other important partners to create healthier communities
  • Lends good will and provides speaking opportunities about program (Rotary, Kiwanis, etc.)
  • Media opportunity- citizens benefit without individual or taxpayer costs; city “in touch” with needs of its citizens

Benefits to your citizens

  • Cards provide a safety net for anyone who fills prescriptions
  • Relieves some stress of prescription costs - particularly for underinsured
  • Extensive network of participating pharmacies - 56,000 locations nationwide from locally owned pharmacies to large national chains
  • In 2011, the average savings was 32% off retail for brand and generic drug prescriptions using Rx card. 

Click here to print out a card today!

Please contact Rob Shepherd at 800.228.0986 ext. 59767 with any questions.