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 In the News, September 5, 2017 

NC city reaches out to aid Texas city with same name

LaGrange, North Carolina, is reaching into its pockets to help its sister city - LaGrange, Texas. The eastern North Carolina town is helping the Texas town affected by Hurricane Harvey with a collection drive. Residents are being asked to donate the following: adult and children's socks, diapers, Clorox wipes, towels, bed linens and feminine hygiene products. "It is heartbreaking to stop and consider having to start over with nothing after a devastating event like this. We take daily commodities for granted all the time, and don’t realize how lucky we are until there is a time of emergency," says Jill Boone, a resident of LaGrange, North Carolina. “When our group of friends were trying to decide the best way to help, we became aware of the impacts to LaGrange, Texas, and really wanted to center our efforts on that town.”

Family wants part of N.C. 268 named for ex-mayor, fire chief

The North Wilkesboro town board has been asked to name part of N.C. 268 East in honor of Conley Call, the town’s former mayor and fire chief. Call’s wife and a son presented the request during a town board work session Thursday. “We humbly come before you and ask you to pass a resolution to name a section of Highway 268 after my father to honor him while he is still alive,” said Steve Call, speaking on behalf of his mother and five siblings. Call, who turns 86 this week, served two terms as mayor after he was first elected in 1993

Inaugural NC Honey Festival is coming to Whiteville

The first ever NC Honey Festival will be held in Whiteville Saturday, Sept. 9 from 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The goal is to highlight the significance of bees in the environment, celebrate honey and honey products, encourage bee-friendly practices and promote beekeeping in the region. Whiteville is one of ten cities in North Carolina to have "Bee City" status, which means the city is recognized for environmental and agricultural practices that are not harmful to bees.

North Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority Approved a Grant for the Town of Mocksville

The North Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) approved a grant request for the Town of Mocksville (Davie County): A $411,425 grant to extend Quality Drive in Southpoint Business Park. The improvements will consist of 900 feet of 24-foot-wide roadway, 900 feet of water lines and related equipment, and storm drainage. The project also includes one spec building and three pre-graded building sites. With this extension of Quality Drive, the park can offer new construction options for businesses.