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Public Safety Risk Management Consultant

Category: Other

Public Safety Risk Management Consultant - Pay Grade 008: $74,480 - $111,720. The North Carolina League of Municipalities is recruiting for a Public Safety Risk Management Consultant to work in the Risk Management Field Services Department. The purpose of this position is to provide advanced risk management consulting related to all aspects of public safety activities with an emphasis on law enforcement operations. This position will be responsible for consulting directly with police chiefs, public safety officials and town managers on public safety risk management issues including driver training, use of force, evidence handling, hiring, retention, employee development, disciplinary actions, grant programs, workplace injuries, arrest techniques, entry to private premises, and other relevant topics. Other responsibilities include the following: Will develop and present law enforcement and other public safety training programs.  Will analyze complex databases to identify loss trends, develops corrective action plans, prepares analysis reports and executive summaries for senior management and town councils. Monitors claims activity for all public safety departments and develops specialized training programs and policies to reduce accidents, injuries, and liability exposures. Also, monitors and submits grant applications for programs that will impact public safety liability.  Develops exemplar public safety policies to mitigate liability exposures, particularly those associated with law enforcement activities. Develops comprehensive programs to validate that public safety organizations are using risk management best practices in policy development, training, certifications, claims handling, hiring, and retention. Reviews policies and standard operating procedures for compliance with general statutes and risk management best practices. Serves as chair on the NCLM police chiefs’ advisory committee and liaison to the NC Association of Police Chiefs, the NC Police Executives Association, and Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards.  Minimum Qualifications:  The selected candidate should have least ten years of law enforcement experience and seven years in executive management of a public safety department of at least 10 sworn officers. Minimum experience should include a four-year degree in Criminal Justice, Emergency Management, business or other related field of study, or equivalent educational experience. Qualified applicants should have upper management level training including but not limited to NC State-AOMP, FBINA, SPI, or any recognized professional development training with active membership in any of the N.C. professional law enforcement associations. Other experience should include recruiting, evaluating, hiring, development and handling disciplinary action. Also, candidates should have excellent writing skills and experience speaking to small and large audiences. This is a home-based position that requires residence in North Carolina, regular travel within NC and occasional overnight stays.  To apply for this position, please cli​ck here​.​

Employer: NC League of Municipalities
Expires: 3/4/2019