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Annual Sponsorship Program


​Cities and towns are the heart of North Carolina. They are where businesses grow, and communities thrive. For more than 100 years, the North Carolina League of Municipalities has stood as the unified voice of these hometowns, furthering goals through collective action.

The cities and towns that make up the League recognized a long time ago that their voice is stronger when they work together. That’s what keeps the League moving forward, this collaborative spirit where cities and towns share resources, solve shared problems, and work towards achieving common objectives.  

Your organization can join the League in this collaborative approach to helping cities and towns thrive. Your products and services will help our members, and we can help you reach those members. By becoming a League Annual Sponsor, you gain access, networking and marketing opportunities to these 540+ cities and towns across North Carolina. 

We have five levels of sponsorship to match any organization’s budget and marketing needs. We also have individual add-on sponsorship opportunities that allow for a customized approach to your target audience. Learn more about the 2022 Annual Sponsor Program below to decide if you’re a Visionary, Innovator, Leader, Advocate, or Partner. 

For more information and sponsorship questions, contact Ashlin Glatthar, or 919-330-6343.

Become a Sponsor!