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The League is continuously seeking new ways to better serve our members. The Marketplace is a one-stop shop for members to find additional benefits of their membership. ​​​Find exclusive discounts from preferred vendors, post job openings and RFQs, and learn more about how partners can help your city, town, or village. Productive partnerships -- whether with the private sector, other levels of government or other public entities -- are key today to helping cities and towns meet 21st century challenges. The League is committed to continuing to help members find new avenues to make these connections.  

Businesses are welcome to partner with the League to provide our members with valuable services. Apply online​ to form a partnership. ​

Mailing List Request

You can order municipal contact information from the League for your marketing and research efforts. Choose from department heads and decision makers to elected official information. This information includes mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and professional emails for appointed officials. Emails are not included for elected officials. Members and government agencies can receive complimentary data sets. Private organization requests are for a fee, as follows:
$500 per department head category
$500 for Mayors
$2500 for all elected officials​

To order a mailing list please click here​.