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Legal Inquiries

​​​The League attorneys answer inquiries on a variety of legal topics for both elected and appointed officials​​ from any League member municipality with the following caveats:

  • Note to citizens: We cannot provide legal advice or any form of representation to private citizens. The League is a membership organization of more than 500 cities, towns, and villages. The League attorneys are regularly called upon to answer legal inquiries and provide advice to our members and their attorneys. We must respectfully decline to assist you as a private citizen because that could be a conflict of interest and a violation of our ethical rules.
  • League attorneys do not directly represent the municipality and guidance should not be considered a substitute for that of the local city or town attorney. Cases may hinge on complex local facts or documents and only the local legal counsel is in a position to provide an informed interpretation. In addition, some areas of the law are more unsettled than others and are open to varying legal interpretations. The local attorney will be the one defending the municipality's position if challenged.
  • League attorneys will assist based on our familiarity with many areas of municipal law, but we do not hold ourselves out as experts in all substantive areas. Where appropriate, we will refer you to another agency, organization, or resource.
  • While many questions are routine, others may require considerable research and will be undertaken as resources allow.
  • We cannot advise an individual municipal official or employee whose interests may be adverse to those of the municipality because of the potential for a conflict of interest.

If your municipality would like to submit a legal inquiry, please complete the following form:​​