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Grant Funding Opportunities

​​​RMS Safety Grants​

Participants of the Workers' Compensation and Property & Casualty programs are eligible to participate​ in this grant program whereby the League will help pay the cost of resources intended to reduce injuries and liability claims. Members should work with their Risk Control Consultant prior to submitting the grant application. League members may apply for RMS Safety grants online after reviewing the guidelines​.

Soft-Body Armor Grants

Participants of the Workers' Compensation program are eligible to participate in this grant program whereby the League will help pay the cost of providing body armor for police officers.  The workers compensation program will pay 50% of the cost, up to $250 for qualified purchases. League members may apply for a Soft-Body Armor grant online.  ​

Wellness Grants

The Health Benefit Trust under the direction of the RMS Board sets aside $100,000 for Wellness Grants each fiscal year. Groups that participate in our medical program are eligible to apply for these dollars to assist them with health fairs, wellness programs, educational classes, fitness activities, fitness equipment, nutritional programs, etc. for their employees. Groups can apply per event without having to plan their entire year of activities and are allowed more than one event per fiscal year.  Members may apply for a Wellness grant online.  ​