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The 2020 Census

​​An Urgent Call to Action

The 2020 Census is at a critical moment. This count determines North Carolina's federal funding and representation for the next 10 years. 

And yet, with little time left, our state is severely undercounted. With only one month left in the process, nearly 40 percent of North Carolina has not responded to the Census. With our current count, we will lose $7 billion each year for the next 10 years

That money is felt almost entirely at the local level. It is funding for roads, early education, rural development, veterans, senior care, emergency response services, parks, and many other areas. 

We need to improve our Census response numbers immediately. So, we're calling on you for help. Below is a clear action plan. However you are able to access members of your community, do it and do it now

Connect With Your Community Through Social Media

Please feel free to use the below messaging on social media to reach your citizens. We've offered several approaches, so to reach varying audiences. 

Concerning Importance

Every single response to the 2020 Census is an estimated $18,000 to North Carolina over the next decade. That is funding for roads, early education, rural development, veterans, senior care, emergency response services, and parks. Respond today at or 844-330-2020​.​

Concerning Urgency

The Census undercount in N.C. is a serious issue. The timeline is shorter. And with COVID, we cannot rely on in-field workers to complete the count for us. If we don't all self-respond, our state will lose billions. ​Respond at or 844-330-2020​.​​​

Concerning Safety

Your responses to the 2020 Census are safe, secure, and protected by federal law. They cannot be used against you by any government agency or court in any way. Respond at or 844-330-2020. ​

Concerning Confidentiality 

The questions are straightforward. No individual data can be reported to any government agency. Title 13 of US law protects your personal census information for 72 years. Please respond at or 844-330-2020.​

Concerning Ease of Process

Respond to the Census in 10 minutes. Respond without any code or sensitive information. Respond online. Respond by phone. Respond in the time it takes to have morning coffee. Respond at or 844-330-2020. ​​

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Tell Your Community Why This Is Important

Every response makes a difference.

A Census response brings $1,823 per person, per year in federal and state funds back to N.C. counties and towns.

That's $18,230 over the decade.

For a family of five, that's $91,150.

For a neighborhood of 150, that's $2,734,000.

For a community of 1200, that's $21,876,000.

Every single response truly makes a difference.​​

It determines your share of federal funding. 

  • A larger population equals a larger slice of the nearly $700 billion available. 
  • IT'S ALREADY YOUR MONEY. These are tax dollars, paid and collected. An undercount will restrict access to those funds. 
  • This is funding that you will see and feel. It will directly affect your hometown:
    • Roads and transportation 
    • Early education 
    • Senior services
    • Veterans services 
    • Infrastructure that supports local businesses
    • Rural development
    • Emergency services
    • Military resources
    • Parks and recreation programs

It determines who represents you, both in Washington and Raleigh. 

  • ​Congressional and state district lines are redrawn following each Census. The 435 seats in the U.S. House of Representatives are reapportioned based on newly tabulated state populations. More people means more representatives and more electoral votes.
It is confidential. 

  • ​The Census is used strictly for count and general data.​ 
  • Your personal information is safe. Census data is only ever reported at a summary level. For example, you may hear that 10% of a town's population are renters, however the census bureau cannot say the resident of 123 Main Street is a renter. 
  • Title 13 of US law protects your personal census information for 72 years.
  • The Census form will not ask for social security numbers. 
  • The Census does not ask a citizenship question. 
  • The Census does not ask for financial information. 


​​​How People Can Respond​

Every home has received an invitation to participate in the 2020 Census.  However, that mailer is no longer needed to respond to the Census. Instead, you can easily respond either online or by phone. 

Find out more at ​​

Additional Talking Points

Status of North Carolina's Response:

  • The 2020 Census will now end on September 30th, one month before the previously announced deadline. We are running out of time to get all North Carolinians counted.
  • As of July 31, 41 percent of NC households have NOT completed the 2020 Census. That's more than 4 million North Carolinians who have not completed the census.
  • Many of North Carolina's undercounted are in our rural counties; where our military families reside; eastern counties impacted by storms; communities with limited access to health care; where our elderly rely on services; and where many minority populations call home. These are people that rely most on programs and services funded with a complete census count.
  • Undercounting North Carolina's residents represents real dollars lost, real community programs underfunded, and real people whose needs are going under- or un-served.
  • NC is projected to gain a seat in the US House of Representatives. An incomplete count puts that additional congressional seat in jeopardy. 
  • Census data brings $1,823 per person, per year in federal and state funds back to NC counties and towns. An incomplete count puts that funding in jeopardy.
  • We need every person in every community to count for North Carolina. With many census promotional events cancelled due to the pandemic, and many people with poor or no internet access and lack of technology, the best methods of communication/promotion are:
      • print newspapers and TV news broadcasts
      • other TV programming or advertising
      • mailings and newsletters
      • phone or text banks
      • word-of-mouth during faith services or community meetings ​ 

Official Resources

​Cities and towns can look to the below resources for information. Additionally, NCLM staff is prepared to support municipalities with all Census help.​

Regional Office

The regional Census office for North Carolina will be located in Atlanta

101 Marietta Street, NW, Suite 3200
Atlanta, GA 30303-2700
(404) 730-3832 or 1-800-424-6974
FAX: (404) 730-3835
TDD: (404) 730-3963

More information on the Atlanta regional office can be found here:

U.S. Census Bureau

The Census Bureau has published numerous valuable resources

Complete Your Census Form​