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Temporary and Permanent Traffic Pattern Changes: What Municipal Officials Should Know
Thursday, May 20, 2021
10:00 AM - 11:30 AM
Location: Webinar

Imagine being on your way to the State Fair, and the road where you usually park now has cones blocking it off. Or your GPS takes you to a road that has been recently closed for construction? Municipal transportation-related accidents are on the rise as cities and towns continue to grow. The way road closures, detours and changes are communicated is critical to reducing municipal risk and maintaining public safety.

Whether it is utility work, street festivals, parades or any other new traffic pattern, our cities and towns are changing each day. The North Carolina League of Municipalities wants to provide elected officials with a training that brings awareness to the Municipal Uniform Traffic Control Device (MUTCD), and how municipalities can be impacted if they’re not in compliance.

The course goal is to provide participants with an overview about MUTCD and its importance when making budget and policy decisions. Participants will also learn:

  • Why elected officials should care about this topic

  • Understanding MUTCD, traffic control, signing and scope creep

  • Impacts of budget and policy decisions by municipal elected officials

  • Practical tips and best practices when considering policy

We encourage all elected officials and managers to join, as well as anyone else who may gain information from this webinar.​

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