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League Bulletin

September 13, 2019

It's been a bold-headline week at the General Assembly. We already knew work would get underway on redistricting (a late-session priority per more court action that deemed the state's legislative maps unconstitutional), but the House vote to override the governor's budget veto surprised. That happened Wednesday as several Democrats were absent from the floor not expecting activity, leaving opportunity for what ended up being a 55-15 vote in the 120-seat chamber over objections from Democrats who decried the process. The governor's veto remains in effect unless the Senate too is able to pass an override. Meanwhile, lawmakers worked on those "mini" budget bills, including one for hurricane recovery. And special elections in the 3rd and 9th Congressional Districts mean Rep. Greg Murphy​ and Sen. Dan Bishop​, Republican state legislators currently, are heading to Congress and creating vacancies for their state seats​. ​
As the news ink continues to flow around the still-in-action General Assembly, let's review where we've been. Today, the League is making available its 2019 End-of-Session Bulletin with an in-depth look at this year's legislative long session and all of its effects on cities and towns. This document includes summaries of the numerous bills that the League tracked, lobbied or impacted in some way during the long session. Click the link below to access all 66 pages of the End of Session Bulletin.
Please note that this document’s content is current as of Aug. 31, 2019. An addendum to the 2019 End of Session Bulletin will be published after the official adjournment of the 2019 legislative session.