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Racial Equity & Municipalities

Racial Equity Image.png

Perhaps NCLM’s greatest attribute is its diversity, as we see its value across North Carolina every day. Our cities and towns have many differences. They are large and small, urban and rural, mountainous and coastal and agricultural. They are comprised of citizens of all races, ages and backgrounds. And it is because of—not in spite of—these differences that we thrive, both culturally and economically. 

That is why as a membership organization that provides assistance on all issues impacting North Carolina’s cities and towns, the NCLM believes it is mission-critical to engage in a way that enhances local leadership on race, equity and equity-related issues. By leading with our collective values, the NCLM recognizes we must, first and foremost, understand our own history and role in supporting systemic racism and inequities to move forward in a real and robust way. In order to have future-forward, viable and thriving economies, cities and towns must center racial equity in policymaking to potentially overcome the intergenerational disparities that exists in local communities.​