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Charter Revisions, Model Ordinances & Manuals

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Charter Revisions

League attorneys offer a charter revision and consolidation service on a contract basis, with the fee based on population. The service includes the assembling of all local acts applicable to the municipality into one document; analyzing the acts for consistency with current state laws, the state and federal constitutions and recent decisions of the state and federal courts; recommending the repeal of existing acts or portions of acts that are obsolete or superseded by general law; and rewriting and editing sections that need clarification. The final product is a draft bill for presentation to the municipality's legislative delegation.

Please contact the General Counsel at (919) 715-3936 or by email for more information.

Model & Sample Ordinances or Forms

League attorneys periodically prepare model ordinances and forms for the membership and can provide sample ordinances from other jurisdictions.

Examples may include​ street closings, charter amendments by ordinance, intellectual property forms, and more.​​

​​Handbooks and Manuals

League attorneys prepare handbooks with forms for assisting members in some of the more procedurally detailed areas, such as Mechanics of Annexation and Procedures and Forms for Special Assessments. They also draft manuals with legal and practical content to assist municipal staff, such as the Reference Guide for Municipal Clerks. ​