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DIRECT - Racial Equity Programming


Introducing DIRECT, a​ new racial equity program for League members. 

DIRECT helps North Carolina cities and towns, as well as their elected and appointed officials, strengthen their communities by identifying and addressing racial disparities at the local level. DIRECT stands for Diversity, Inclusion & Racial Equity for Cities & Towns.

​DIRECT works alongside municipal leaders to acknowledge existing inequalities, identify local history and data, and examine municipal policies and procedures that contribute to structural and systemic racism in local communities. Through this shared understanding and knowledge, DIRECT empowers local officials to develop strategies that work toward stronger, more equitable communities.

​NCLM believes that the DIRECT Approach​ will help cities and towns with the understanding and shared language necessary to tackle racial equity and related issues in a robust and practical way.

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Two Unique Ways Direct Can Help Your City or Town

​DIRECT Consulting

DIRECT Consultants will work one-on-one with your municipal leadership in a retreat-style setting based on your city or town's timeline, goals and objectives, and other parameters. DIRECT Consulting is highly customizable and scalable to meet your city or town's needs. DIRECT Consulting is an on-going program, with flexibility to meet with cities and towns throughout the year. 

DIRECT Consulting ranges from single-day trainings to multi-day or week training retreats.

DIRECT Conversations

DIRECT Conversations is a six-month training program that brings togeteher up to 10 municipalities for interactive and engaging racial equity training. Participating cities and towns can identify up to five representatives to attend monthly deep-dive trainings where they will work through the DIRECT Four-Step Approach. 

The DIRECT Conversations program not only increases individual leaders' understanding of racial disparities, but also empowers those leaders to share their knowledge with their colleagues at home and work toward building more equitable communities. 

DIRECT Conversations consist of six monthly in-person meetings; locations vary. Participants are expected to attend each in-person meeting and complete assignments, exercises, and activities in-between monthly meetings. DIRECT Conversations are held in the fall (September - February) and spring (April - August).

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