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 Workers' Compensation Trust 

The North Carolina Interlocal Risk Management Agency (NCIRMA) is the oldest of the three pool programs. It has more than 460 participants and provides statutory workers' compensation and employer liability coverage with deductible options available based on the needs of the member.

For more information, call 800-228-0986 and ask for Field Services.


How NCIRMA Began

The League's workers' compensation trust was created to allow municipalities not large enough to self-insure individually like larger cities do the ability to collectively enjoy the benefits of being self-insured while avoiding the volatility that occurs if not done collectively. The program began in 1981 with 125 municipal members. Currently comprising more than 450 public entities, the workers’ compensation pool is now the insurer of choice for most eligible governmental entities.


Workers' Compensation (pursuant to the N.C. Workers' Compensation Statutes and Employers' Liability)


The NCLM Board of Directors appoints the 14 members of the RMS Board of Trustees. The Trustees establish overall policy, set rates and approve special services. In addition, the Board retains professional consultants in the fields of investment management, actuarial study and financial audit. The trustees rely upon consulting actuaries to determine rate levels and reserves to pay future claims. The pool is reinsured for catastrophic claims. Pool participation meets all the statutory requirements for workers' compensation insurance. The professional staff of the League handles underwriting, employee safety and loss control consulting services, employee assistance program grants and consulting and claims; all at the David E. Reynolds Building in Raleigh.

For more information or to become a member

Workers' compensation pool eligibility is limited to NCLM members. To apply for membership in the League or for participation in the workers' compensation pool, call 1-800-228-0986 and ask for Field Services, or write Field Services, 308 W. Jones St., Raleigh, NC 27603, or email .


NCIRMA: your Workers’ Compensation Insurance Trust

  • We offer our participating members the power that comes with unity
  • The ability to pool risks and resources with other members, so that workers’ compensation costs are stable and predictable – yielding competitive rates year in and year out
  • Personal, local customer service, to respond quickly so that employees can focus on their work
  • Flexibility to provide the type of coverage that meets the unique needs of each member
  • Access to risk management tools, information and services to create the only true solution to rising workers’ compensation costs – helping you to reduce injuries and return your employees to work quickly

We do this with but one motivation…to help keep our cities, towns, villages and associate members strong, vibrant and healthy. We are you…our membership.