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 Safety Catch Courses 

How Safety Catch Works

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  • If you are new to using Safety Catch, on the next screen, Click “I am a new user.”
  • Select the first letter of your organization, then select the name of your organization from the drop-down list.
  • Select All Departments and Click on "register now.”
  • Set up a user name and password, fill in your email address and press “Submit Information.”
  • Once you complete these steps you are registered.

If you already have a user/password, just log in.

If you need any assistance, please contact Brenda Rich or call her at 919-715-2902.

Below is a list of courses that are offered. Click here to view classes approved by the North Carolina Water Treatment Facility Operators Certification Board as Certified Online Courses for Continuing Education Units.

firstNet Learning Course List 

 Course Title

ID for CEUs

Length (min)

 Accident Incident Investigation    60
 Arc Flash Safety    30
 Asbestos Awareness    60
 Avoiding Collisions    30
 Back Safety    30
 Basic Constrction Safety 60
 Basic Industrial Safety    30
 Behavior-Based Safety Training    30
 Bloodborne Pathogens BP15   60
 Carcinogen Safety    30
 Compressed Gas Safety    60
 Confined Spacee Entry  CS15  60
 Decontamination in Industrial Environments    30
 Defensive Driving  DV15  90
 DOT Hazardous Materials    60
 DOT Security Training    60
 DOT Shipper Training    60
 Drug-Free Workplace Orientation    30
 Electrical Safety  ES15  60
 Emergency and Disaster Preparedness  EP15  30
 Emergency Evacuation and Egress Safety    60
 Emergency Response: Incidental Chemical Releases    60
 Employee Safety Awareness    30
 Environmental Regulations Overview    30
 Ergonomic General    30
 Ergonomics for Supervisors    60
 Ethical Decision Making    30
 Eye and Face Protection    20
 Fall Protection    30
 Fire and Explosion Hazards    30
 Fire Prevention    30
 First Aid and CPR Academic Training    90
 Flagger Training    90
 Forklift Safety    60
 Forming Effective Safety Committees    60
 General Ergonomics    30
 Hand and Finger Safety    30
 Hand and Power Tool Safety    30
 Hazard Communication - New GHS Standards  HC15  60
 HIPPA Privacy for Health Care Plans and Employers    60
 Hearing Conservation  HP15  30
 Hoisting and Rigging    60
 Hydrogen Sulfide Safety Awareness  HS15  30
 Indoor Air Quality    30
 Indoor Crane and Sling Safety    60
 Introduction to OSHA    60
 Job Safety Analysis    60
 Job Safety Analysis for Supervisors    60
 Laboratory Radiation Safety    60
 Laboratory Safety    60
 Ladder and Scaffolding Safety  LA15  30
 Landscape Safety    30
 Lead Safety Awareness    60
 Light Trucks: Avoiding Collisions    20
 Light Trucks: Backing Safety    20
 Light Trucks: Driving Hazards    20
 Light Trucks: Ergonomics    20
 Light Trucks: Handling Extreme Conditions    20
 Light Trucks: Trailering    20
 Lockout/Tagout Training  LT15  60
 Machine Guarding    30
 Materials Handling and Storage    60
 New Employee Safety Orientation    60
 Operating Safety Committees    60
 OSHA Investigation/Inspection    60
 Personal Protective Equipment  PE15  60
 Pollution Prevention    60
 Powered Industrial Truck Safety    30
 Preventing Discrimination    30
 Process Safety Management    120
 Respiratory Protection  RP15  60
 Safety Awareness for Seasonal Employees    30
 Safety Data Sheets  45
 Sexual Harrassment Prevention    30
 Sexual Harrassment Prevention for Supervisors    90
 Site Control    30
 Slips, Trips and Falls  ST15  30
 Slower is Faster    30
 Spill Prevention and Control    30
 Stress Management    30
 Supervisor Safety Awareness Program    30
 Tailgate Topics Series 1    40
 Toxicology Training    30
 Trenching and Excavation Safety  TE15  30
 Waste Management    60
 Welding, Cutting and Brazing Safety    60
 Winter Driving Safety   30 
 Working in Extreme Temperatures    30
 Working Outdoors in Warm Weather    30
 Workplace Diversity    30
 Workplace Violence    30
 Zero Turn Mowers    34