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 Order Forms 

Contact Information for Municipal Officials

If you are interested in purchasing contact information for mayors, managers/administrators/clerks or other key groups of municipal officials, click the link below for order forms or you may contact Dave Welker at (919) 210-6140 for additional information.

Order Forms

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 Where Do We Get Our Information?

The North Carolina League of Municipalities collects information from all municipalities within North Carolina. Data are collected annually by a questionnaire sent to each municipality and are updated continuously.

Municipal positions have one primary title code that designates the primary job responsibility. (See order form for categories and approximate numbers for each). As the database is continuously updated, the numbers given for each category may vary slightly. Please calculate your order based on the numbers shown.

Mailing Labels For Sale

All mailing label entries are personalized and include the salutation, first name, last name, suffix, actual title, address, city, state and zip code, addressed to city hall addresses. Labels are printed on 3 1/2" x 15/16" one-up, peel-off, stick-on pressure sensitive labels.

A copy of the intended mailing must be provided at the time of the order. The League reserves the right to refuse to provide labels for mailings that, in our judgment, conflict with NCLM policy, are misleading, or are otherwise unsuitable.

About The Order Form

Build a customized list from the municipal positions listed in Section I on the order form. Any number of positions may be selected for a per label fee (see order form for current rates and municipal positions).

Municipal positions may be selected by: City or Town Name, or Primary County

Rental Policies

  1. Our minimum order is $10.00 plus a $3.00 minimum postage and handling charge (if mailed). Minimum charges apply to all orders. Orders may be picked up at the League Office.
  2. Rush Service to fill an order within one business day of receipt of the order will be provided for a flat fee of $25.00.
  3. Telephone orders must be confirmed in writing, by mail or fax, and a sample mailing piece and check for the amount of the total order must be provided. No orders will be processed without a sample mailing piece and check. If duplicate lists are ordered, a sample of the follow-up materials must also be submitted at the time of the original order.
  4. All lists are furnished on a one-time use basis by the original renter. Lists may not be copied nor reused.
  5. NCLM reserves the right to refuse to provide labels which would be used to mail materials that, in our judgment, conflict with NCLM policy, are misleading, or are otherwise unsuitable.
  6. No refunds will be given after the order form and check have been received and processed and the labels printed.