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These are ads that were published in the monthly publications for member municipalities of the North Carolina League of Municipalities (Southern City or League Letter) or just on this website.

NC Cities & Towns
An alphabetical listing of North Carolina’s incorporated cities, towns and villages, complete with main phone number and chief officials (where applicable), county, population and website (where available).

Document Library
A document clearinghouse for PDFs, Word documents and other forms applicable to cities and towns.

How North Carolina Municipalities Work
North Carolina municipalities - cities, towns and villages - operate under charters granted by the General Assembly and have powers and authorities granted to them by state statutes and the state constitution. In this state, municipalities do not have home rule, which means that the state legislature must grant the powers and authority to municipalities and authorize them to perform certain functions. Read more about how cities and towns operate.

Every elected municipal official and every key appointed official receives two NCLM publications, Southern City, bi-monthly, and League Letter, weekly. These general-interest publications keep officials updated on how other cities and towns are meeting challenges, how state and federal decisions affect local governments and what programs and services the League offers. Other publications go to specific groups, such as Law Notes to municipal attorneys. In addition, the League publishes Legislative Bulletins, a Risk Management Services Annual Report, Loss Control Safety Bulletins and more.

Another way the League serves its members — and keeps them informed of services, issues and events — is with its publications and with the advertising opportunities in these publications.

Order Forms

If you are interested in purchasing contact information for mayors, managers/administrators/clerks or other key groups of municipal officials, click the link below for order forms or you may contact Dave Welker at (919) 210-6140 for additional information.