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 Water and Wastewater Rates Survey 

Every year, the League of Municipalities collaborates with the Environmental Finance Center at UNC-Chapel Hill to gather water and wastewater rates from utilities around the state. The rates are compiled and analyzed, and the results of that analysis are then reported. A rates dashboard is also available so that utilities may compare their rates with those of utilities that share similar characteristics.

Rates are typically gathered beginning in November and are considered to be valid as of the January before the results are reported. For questions about the water and wastewater rates survey, please contact League Policy & Communication Specialist Chris Nida or Shadi Eskaf at the Environmental Finance Center.

2010 Water and Wastewater Financial Practices and Policies Survey

Every four years, the League and the EFC collaborate on a more extensive survey of the practices and financing of water and wastewater utilities across the state of North Carolina. The most recent of those surveys was conducted beginning in December 2010, and results of that survey were published in February 2011.

  • Results of the 2010 North Carolina Water and Wastewater Financial Practices and Policies Survey