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Member Relations Corner: Tis the season for municipal elected officials training 

by League Assistant Director of Business Management and Membership Development Services Rob Shepherd

Following the municipal elections every two years, the League of Municipalities and the UNC School of Government provide several training opportunities for municipal elected officials. Beginning in December, the League and the UNC School of Government will offer the Orientation for New Mayors workshops in five locations across the state. 

This one-day workshop is designed for new mayors who have not previously served in the office of mayor and is intended to help them with the transition in the new role as a mayor. The course will cover the role of the mayor, open meetings and public records laws, presiding for the good of the group and working with the media. For more information and to register visit the League’s events calendar

Then beginning in January, the League and the UNC School of Government will offer the Essentials of Municipal Government workshops, which are two-day workshops designed for both new and veteran municipal elected officials. The first day includes sessions for newly elected officials as well as a session for veteran elected officials, Leading Change, in addition to the state-mandated, 2-hour ethics course. 

Day Two of the workshop will focus on working together as a board, municipal finances and Budgetopolis, a municipal budget simulation game. The entire municipal governing body is encouraged to attend these workshops to participate and to receive this information together. For more information and to register for either course, visit the League’s events calendar.