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Nashville: The place to be for the 2015 Congress of Cities Conference 

Why is Nashville attracting so many visitors and young professionals right now? Its secret is capitalizing on its identity as Music City. Nashville has successfully taken its legacy as a global music center, and used it as a foundation for its culture, economy and social fabric.

Like Nashville, your community has a history or identity that you can capitalize on to attract visitors and young professionals. Whether it’s breathtaking scenery, distinctive architecture, your favorite annual tradition, or a thriving Main Street,
your city has something unique that makes it internationally known or your
region’s best kept secret.

Come to Nashville this November 4-7 for our annual Congress of Cities conference, and see for yourself how they embraced their historic identity as a music center to develop a thriving economy that is now attracting tourists and creative professionals alike. Learn about the ways that you can develop your city’s economy by capitalizing on what makes it unique.

Join 2,000 mayors, council members, and city staff this November for four days of expert-led workshops, inspiring keynote addresses and field trips around Nashville. Get to know leaders from across the country in the heart of downtown Music City.
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