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Have your voice heard in Raleigh 

The League is accepting proposals for the legislative and regulatory goals that matter most to cities and towns. Submitting a goal is the first step in a member-driven process that will guide the League’s legislative strategy for the 2015-2016 biennium.

“This is the best opportunity for members to get involved in legislative efforts,” League Director of Research and Policy Analysis Chris Nida said.

The proposals can range from topics like ETJ or internet sweepstakes cafes to tax systems and water quality standards. An easy to use form on the League’s website allows a government official to submit multiple goals at once. According to League bylaws, you must indicate on your goal proposal whether it was voted on and approved by your local council or board.

The proposals will be reviewed by the League’s policy committees: the Regulatory Action Committee and three Legislative Action Committees focused on tax and finance, planning and environment, and general government. Roughly 40 members are on each committee and serve as subject-matter experts to propose new goals and policies.

The committees consider, debate, amend, approve or reject the goals and make recommendations to the Board of Directors who narrows it down even further before putting the goals up for debate at the Advocacy Goals Conference, which will take place in Raleigh on December 11. Each Municipal Advocacy Goal began as a member proposal and was accepted by majority vote from the League membership at the last Advocacy Goals Conference in January 2013.

For more information on the policy development process or questions about submitting proposals, contact Cara Bridges, League governmental affairs associate at (919) 715-0950.