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Why I wanted to be an elected official 

Commissioner Milton "T" Dowdy, Jr.

Commissioner Dowdy. Photo credit: Town of Carthage
Commissioner Dowdy began his earlier life in Carthage but moved away at a young age. Aftter living in New York for 30 years, he moved back to Carthage.

Time as an elected official:
Third term as Commissioner

Why he wanted to be an elected official:
When he moved back to Carthage, Commissioner Dowdy noticed needs in his community. "When I came home, there were sections of town that had been neglected. I refer to it as the 'main street' versus the 'back street.' The 'main street' was well manicured and received excellent service, but the 'back streets' did not receive the same level of service. I ran on the motto, 'make me your choice, and I will be your voice.'" In the most recent election, Dowdy was the leading vote getter, so he feels this message is resonating with the community.