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 Municipal Equation Podcast 

Municipal Equation is a podcast that gets to the core of our cities and towns – and creates an exchange of ideas meant to help you make your hometown a better place. We cover all of the variables that make life in a municipality – whether a city, town, village, what-have-you – unique to any other locale. The personalities, big ideas, challenges, studies, technologies, celebrations and YOU are all part of the Municipal Equation. Let’s talk about it. Ben Brown is your host. Feel free to contact Ben at to share topic ideas or give feedback. Subscribe on iTunes

Latest episodes below. Click here if they don't appear.

 EP 38: Being Careful About Smart Cities and Civic Tech (And the Best Fictional Mayors)

 EP 37: The Power to Change Time (Halloween Mini Episode)

 EP 36: Squashing 'Urban Vs. Rural'

 EP 35: 'Without Being Nudged' - Advancing Women in Government Leadership

 EP 34: Beer, Economic Development, and Civic Advice from Sinbad

 EP 33: The City Connection