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 Bulletin: March 10, 2010 

2010 elections will be of historic proportion

February 26 was the deadline for candidate filings for the North Carolina General Assembly and federal seats.  It is clear that recent significant changes in the General Assembly, as well as the November elections, will bring change. Currently, in the Senate, 6 Democrats and 2 Republicans have announced they will not be running in 2010.  In the House, 5 Democrats and 6 Republicans will not be running. Below is a link to the summary of candidate filings. We have indicated those candidates who we are aware of having served as municipal officials simply for your information.  If you are aware of others, please let us know.  [i = incumbent] 2010 Candidate Filings

Recent Developments

Local ABC Systems To Be Fully Reviewed, Changes Likely

Governor Perdue, in a letter to legislators last week, announced the plan underway to conduct a financial appraisal of North Carolina's ABC system.  The report will provide information on both wholesale and retail functions.  Meanwhile, the Senate and House Joint Study Committee on ABC beg an meeting March 9 th to look at a variety of reform issues.  Stronger ethics policies and closure of a gift ban exemption have already been put in place.  Local ABC stores generated over $700 million in sales during FY 08-09, and produced a net profit of $72.6 million after deducting State taxes, the cost of goods, and the cost of operations. Of the $72.6 million in profit, $7.1 million was allocated to alcohol law enforcement, $8.5 million to alcohol education, and $46.2 million to the local governments that authorized the sale of liquor in their communities.  Profits are divided roughly evenly between cities and counties.  This funding is critically important to our local communities.  NCLM opposes changes to the ABC system that would restrict the ability of local governments to determine whether the sale of liquor will be allowed within their jurisdiction and to control the sale of liquor if such a choice is made.  We fully support reasonable reforms to ensure that local ABC boards conduct business in an ethical manner and establish personnel/salary practices that conform to the standards of other local governments.  This issue will be discussed in more depth at the upcoming NCLM Finance and Administration Legislative Action Committee meeting.

Governor's letter to legislators

Joint Senate and House Study Committee on ABC Website

Associated Press article on the issue

Sweepstakes Cafés

Legislators are likely to take a hard look at Sweepstakes Cafés in the upcoming short session.  Several towns are adopting zoning rules to address issues created by the Cafés.  The League Planning and Services Legislative Action Committee will be discussing this issue at its upcoming meeting.  Read a WRAL-Raleigh news article on the subject.

*** Please provide your hometown Legislative Agenda ***

As they are developed, please provide your town's legislative agenda by email to . Please provide your town name and "legislative agenda" in the subject line. Thank you.

View the NCLM 2010 Advocacy Agenda and Core Principles.


Mandatory Collective Bargaining Bill To Be Heard

The U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor and Pensions has scheduled a hearing on the mandatory collective bargaining bill, H.R. 413 (Public Safety Employer - Employee Cooperation Act) for Wednesday, March 10, 2010 at 10:30 a.m. This could be a first step toward passage of the legislation. The legislation would require state and local governments to engage in collective bargaining with their police, fire and emergency medical personnel. States' bargaining laws would be subject to review by the Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA). The bill would require collective bargaining on wages, hours and terms and conditions of employment. The bill authorizes the FLRA to take over the collective bargaining process in a state if requirements of the act are not met. Public sector collective bargaining has been prohibited expressly by statute in North Carolina since 1959. If enacted and held constitutional, however, this legislation would override that long-standing North Carolina statute. H.R. 413 is an unwarranted federal intrusion into state and local matters.

Ellis Hankins, NCLM Executive Director, will testify against the legislation on behalf of the National League of Cities, the National Association of Counties, the National Sheriffs Association, NCLM and several other associations.

Please contact your representative to let them know your opposition to H.R. 413. Contact information for members of the House of Representatives is available at

Upcoming Events

Thank you for your great involvement in our LINC grassroots meetings / receptions

Towns across the state have hosted 16 (and counting) grassroots meetings / legislative "thank you" receptions. These have been a great opportunity to build relationship s with each other and with our legislators. Thanks so much to all of you for your participation.

NCLM League LINC Quick Connect Teams

THANK YOU! So many members have answered the call and have expressed interest in joining a Quick Connect Team.  We will continue to accept enrollment through March 17.  At that time the Government Affairs team will pull together the QCT's with 6-8 members per team.  These teams are part of our grassroots network, League LINC, and will act as first responders when the need arises for quick perspective on the ‘real-world' impact of issues.  For more information and to enroll today, visit:  Quick Connect Teams.

NCLM Regional Legislative Update Meetings coming to a town near you

Register today to be a part of the legislative updates and discussions of the upcoming short session of the General Assembly.  Regional meetings provide an opportunity to learn more about and discuss the 2010 Advocacy Agenda.  While the District discussions and receptions have been an introduction to the NCLM grassroots network League LINC, regional meetings will detail upcoming legislative issues. Your local legislators will also be invited to attend. All meetings are held from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. To register, visit: 2010 NCLM Regional Meetings

  • April 13: Columbia & Lillington
  • April 14: Emerald Isle & Wadesboro
  • April 15: Whiteville & Trinity
  • April 20: Smithfield & Asheville
  • April 21: Newton & Rocky Mount
  • April 22: Haw River
  • April 27: Lenoir

Mark your calendars now for Town Hall Day, Wednesday June 16!