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 February 20 

Bill introduced to lift ban on collective bargaining

  • Legislation introduced to lift the long-standing prohibition on collective bargaining between labor unions and city, county or state government. League opposes SB 178 (see Action Items below)
  • More annexation bills introduced – HB 255 – Zoning/Agri. Annexation Exemption (Cleveland, Hill, Langdon, McGee) would prevent municipal zoning of any agricultural interest that is annexed.  Another local bill as well, HB 172 – Wayne Annexation Moratorium (Sager, Braxton)
  • Another bill introduced to disapprove the proposed Jordan Lake Rules. HB 239 (Allen, Gibson) disapproves the nutrient rules adopted by the Environmental Management Commission for Jordan Lake. The League is working with affected cities and towns to address concerns
  • Are your legislators and Senate/House leaders hearing from you on annexation? Are they hearing from those in your town who support this authority? Now is a critical time
  • Electronic notices of public hearings , rather than a published notice, would be permissible if HB 193 is enacted. The bill expands to all cities and counties authority to adopt local ordinances setting electronic notices as substitute for other published notices. This is an item on the League's advocacy agenda
  • Watch for update on federal stimulus.  We expect to send out some preliminary information on Monday on the programs with available stimulus funding. Dempsey Benton appointed the state's coordinator for stimulus. Not much detail yet on grant amounts, total funding available or deadlines

Action Items

Bill/Issue: Maintain Annexation to Properly Manage Growth
What it would do: Bills would restrict or eliminate municipal annexation authority
Status: Bills introduced include SB 148, HB 255 and local annexation moratoria
Action Needed : Call your legislators, Speaker Joe Hackney, Senate President Pro Tem Marc Basnight and other legislative leaders. They need to hear from you and from citizens who support fairness between in-town and near-town residents and good growth management.
Speaker Hackney -- (919) 733-3456
Rep. Hugh Holliman, House Majority Leader
(919) 715-0873
Rep. Skip Stam, House Minority Leader,
(919) 733- 2962
Senate President Pro Tem Basnight -- (919) 733-6854

Bill/Issue: SB 178 Repeal Collective Bargaining Ban
Sponsor: Sen. Larry Shaw
What it would do : End the prohibition on collective bargaining between cities and towns and labor unions
Status: Senate Judiciary II Committee
Action Needed : Call your senators to oppose this bill.
Why: We do not need an adversarial process for deciding appropriate salaries, benefits and work conditions.

Bill Summaries


HB 186 – Local Government Objections to ABC Stores
Sponsors:   Parmon, Womble, McGee, Folwell
Status:   House ABC
Prohibits a local ABC board from locating an ABC store within a municipality if the municipality adopts a resolution objecting.  Allows local ABC board to request ABC Commission to approve location notwithstanding the objection; Commission's decision is final.


HB 172 – Wayne Annexation Moratorium
Sponsors:  Sager, Braxton
Status:   House Rules
Places moratorium on city-initiated annexation in Wayne County until June 30, 2010.

HB 255 – Zoning/Agri.  Annexation Exemption
Sponsors:   Cleveland, Hill, Langdon, McGee
Status:   Filed in House
Provides that municipal zoning is not applicable to any agricultural interest included in an area that is annexed (either voluntarily or city-initiated).  Agricultural interest includes production of produce, grains, livestock or fiber; production of horticultural products; production of aquaculture products; research farms; and petting zoos.


HB 239 – Disapprove Jordan Lake Rules
Sponsors:   Allen, Gibson
Status:   Filed in House
Disapproves nutrient strategy rules adopted by the Environmental Management Commission for Jordan Lake.


HB 193 – Electronic Notice of Public Hearings
Sponsors:   Stam, Howard
Status:   House Local Government II
Authorizes all cities and counties to adopt ordinances to allow publication of notices of public hearings by electronic means in substitution for other published notice.  Ordinances do not supersede any requirement for notice by mail to certain classes of people or the posting of signs on certain property, and cannot alter the publication schedule for any public notice.

SB 199 – Davie's Law/Humane Euthanasia in Shelters
Sponsors:   Hoyle
Status:   Senate Judiciary I
Provides that animals in the custody of a shelter may only be euthanized by sodium pentobarbital administered by a veterinarian or certified euthanasia technician.  Prohibits euthanasia with carbon monoxide or other gas.

SB 212 – Special Plates for Mayors
Sponsors:  Brown
Status:   Senate Commerce
Adds a special registration plate issuable to the mayor of a municipality that bears the word “Mayor” and the letter “M” followed by a number corresponding to an alphabetical list that indicates the municipality served.

SB 250 –Special Plate for Mayors and Council Members
Sponsors: Davis
Status: Filed in Senate
Adds a special registration plate issuable to a mayor that bears the word “Mayor” and the letter “M” followed by a number corresponding to an alphabetical list that indicates the municipality served. Also adds special registration plate issuable to a municipal council member, commissioner or alderman. Plate would bear the words “Council Member,” “Commissioner,” or Alderman” followed by a number corresponding to an alphabetical list that indicates the municipality served.


HB 177 – Healthy Families and Healthy Workplaces Act
Sponsors:   Adams, Ross, Blue, Wainwright
Status:   House Commerce
Among other things, provides that employees are entitled to paid sick leave for certain purposes and specifies  accrual of paid sick leave at a rate of one hour for every 30 hours worked.


SB 234 – Sport Shooting Range Protection
Sponsors:   Brock
Status :  Senate Judiciary I
Provides that when a sport shooting range relocates due to rezoning, condemnation, annexation, road construction, or development, it is still considered to be in continuous existence and not to have undergone a substantial change in use.


SB 233 – Equal Tax Treatment of Gov't Retiree Benefits
Sponsors:   Hoyle
Status:   Senate Finance
Equalizes state income tax treatment of federal, state and local government retirement benefits.


HB 237 – Equity Formula Study Commission
Sponsors:   Carney, Cole, Blust, Ross
Status:   Filed in House
Creates Joint Legislative Transportation Funding Distribution Formula Study Commission to study equity formula; effect of formula on needs in urban, suburban and rural areas; amount each county contributes to the state in tax revenue for transportation purposes; and other issues.