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 Trust Matters - August 2012 


NCLM renewal documents have gone paperless!

Leaird joins NCLM staff as director of field services

Did you know: workers' compensation medical bill review

HealtheReports helps you choose wisely

'Slower is Faster' being used across the state - and the Southeast


NCLM renewal documents have gone paperless!

The new fiscal year marked a new way of doing business for the North Carolina League of Municipalities’ Property and Liability and Workers’ Compensation programs.  Beginning July 1, 2012, the League will no longer send paper renewal documents for the Interlocal Risk Financing Fund of North Carolina (IRFFNC/Property and Liability) and the North Carolina Interlocal Risk Management Agency (NCIRMA/Workers’ Compensation).

Members of these pools will access documents through a secure “members only” section on the NCLM website.  Persons with responsibilities for insurance will have access to declaration pages, coverage forms and individual schedules 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Moving renewal documents online meets the request of our members for us to provide more efficient access to documents,” said Ryan Ezzell, property and casualty underwriting supervisor with the League. It is estimated that putting renewal documents online, which were previously mailed annually to members, will save the League at least $7,000 per year in printing and postage costs.

About 40% of eligible municipalities have accessed the renewal documents online since the members only section went live last month.  So far, most feedback has been positive. 

“I love being able to access documents online,” said Lee W. Tillman, director of finance for the city of Havelock.  “It is a convenient, efficient way to keep track of documents year after year.”


Leaird joins NCLM staff as director of field services

The League has filled another vital position in its reorganization efforts.  Bryan Leaird recently joined the League staff as the director of field services. 

Leaird comes to the League with more than 15 years of extensive experience in risk management and safety for state and local governments.  Most recently, he was the general manager of safety and security for the city of Charlotte’s Public Transit System, where he was responsible for all aspects of the transit system’s safety and security programs, management of 70 employees (including 36 police officers) and a budget that exceeds $6 million.  Prior to his time at the Charlotte Area Transit System, he served as the risk control manager for the city of Charlotte Department of Risk Management, serving not only the city but also Mecklenburg County, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education and the Mecklenburg Emergency Medical Services. 

In his new role at the League, Leaird will manage the risk management, loss control and marketing elements of the League’s Risk Management Services (insurance) department. 

“Bryan brings a wealth of experience to the League and our members,” said Bob Haynes, associate director for risk management services.  “Bryan’s expertise in risk management and loss control will enable us to help our members maneuver through their daily challenges, while reducing losses overall for our workers’ compensation and property/liability pools. Bryan will also coordinate and provide overall direction for the marketing and consulting efforts of the RMS staff.”

Bryan has a BS degree in Business Administration from Gardner-Webb University, holds the Associate in Risk Management-Public Entities designation issued by the Insurance Institute of America, and is a certified Manager of Environmental Safety and Health.  

“It is exciting to be a part of an organization that provides such a high level of service to North Carolina’s municipalities,” said Leaird. “I look forward to bringing my input to the team and working with officials throughout the state.”


Workers’ Compensation Medical Bill Review

Did you know that NCLM’s workers compensation team was able to save you more than $4 million dollars last fiscal year? 

In Workers’ Compensation, the League submits every medical bill received to a third party.  Each bill is reviewed to make sure that it was billed at or below the published fee schedule that is issued each year by the North Carolina Industrial Commission. We handle more than 3,500 claims each year – with a payout of medical and indemnity of about $19.5 million per year.

Last fiscal year, our bill review results were:

 Changes reviewed 47,002
 Amount charged by medical providers  $11,385,430.04
 Amount we paid for charges  $7,101,432.32
 Savings through bill review  $4,283,997.72
 Percent savings for the Workers' Compensation program  38%

These savings resulted from using just one Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) that had negotiated contracts with the vendors selected by the cities, towns and villages that are members of our workers compensation pool.

Late last year,  we entered into a program with our bill review provider to use new software known as the Mitchell Smart Advisor program.  This software will enable us to use up to ten PPO networks with four primary PPO’s being used daily.  With these changes, we expect that the savings we generate for you will far exceed 50% of the charges billed by the medical providers.


HealtheReports helps you choose wisely

We all want our medical procedures to be safe and effective – we also want them to be fairly priced.  Until now, choosing wisely has been more of a guessing game of asking family, friends and acquaintances for their opinion on this facility or that physician.  The guessing game is now over!  Health Benefits Trust participants now have access to on online tool called “HealtheReports.”  This tool shows data for dozens of different procedures and includes information like pricing and patient ratings.  These reports will be made available to primary care physicians, who, through the patient referral system, are often the people who decide where your procedures take place. HealtheReports is available online and via an iPhone/iPod app.  Now you can be an informed partner in your own health care.

'Slower is Faster’ being used across the state – and the Southeast

NCLM Risk Management Services, with significant contributions and input from Hillsborough Town Manager Eric Peterson, produced a police driver training video entitled “Slower is Faster.”   The 27-minute video was part of several police driver training seminars that NCLM held across North Carolina in March.   The video proved to be so useful that the N.C. Justice Academy, the Association of Law Enforcement Emergency Response Trainers, and the Georgia Municipal Association are all using our video to educate police officers and others about safe pursuit driving techniques.

The video and the seminars were geared around helping police departments reduce the number of claims against a department and were used as part of several police driver training seminars that NCLM held across North Carolina in March. Peterson, who is also an acclaimed race car driver with years of training experience, was instrumental in producing the video.

“This was not expected, but we are delighted that other groups have found this video helpful enough to include in their training,” said Bob Haynes, NCLM associate director of risk management services.

The video also reinforces the "Below 100" campaign, a national campaign aimed at reducing in-the-line-of-duty deaths to below 100 for the first time since 1944. The campaign focuses on speed, seatbelts, wearing vests, avoiding complacency and focusing on WIN, or What's Important Now.

“On a national scale, more police officers are killed in traffic accidents than in any other way,” said Steve Lee, NCLM director of claims. “Our hope is that this training video will help prepare officers and possibly save lives.”

In addition to the “Slower is Faster” video, NCLM has also produced a training manual, “High Speed: Pursuit Guidelines & Emergency Response Training.”  To learn more about the "Slower is Faster" DVD and support materials, please contact Steve Lee, NCLM director of claims, at or 919-733-3106.