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 RMS Annual Report 

2012-2013 RMS Annual Report

The NC League of Municipalities’ three Risk Management Services insurance trusts have provided quality services to local government for three decades, in addition to being there when you suffer loss or debilitating illness. The three trusts, Health Benefits (Municipal Insurance Trust of NC), Workers’ Compensation (NC Interlocal Risk Management Agency) and Property/Liability (Interlocal Risk Financing Fund of NC) were established by the membership and are member driven. Additionally, these programs are established for the long term to allow members to enjoy the cost savings and other benefits of being self-insured like larger entities, yet mitigating the volatility that comes with self-insuring on your own.

More than 30 years later, the trusts remain member driven as your board of trustees works diligently to add value to the programs and maintain financial strength and stability. Over the years, the trusts have grown in size and in the risk management and wellness resources that are made available to members. Pooling is not only a concept that provides cities and towns the ability to pool resources and provide services in an efficient, cost-effective manner; but also makes a difference by helping each member reduce losses. We can confidently say that each of the three programs are financially stable and provides a high level of service to government entities across the state.

Further, during the course of the past year through solid governance by a 14-member board of trustees and a highly skilled staff, improvements were made to the trusts that both bring new opportunities to the program and allow them to operate more effectively. These actions help to ensure that the trusts will remain stable for another 30 years and beyond.

Please click here to view the full 2012-2013 annual report in pdf form.Previous annual reports: