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LINC'ed IN: October 5, 2012 

In the News

10.05.2012 New districts give GOP an edge in House races
10.05.2012 Predicting how the House districts break down
10.05.2012 Division was failing kids, former DSS Director Wilson said

10.05.2012 Coudriet offers to forgive remaining Berger debt; commissioners say not so fast

10.05.2012 State Board of Education wants more money to match vision

10.05.2012 Raleigh City Council to consider food truck change

10.04.2012 Jim Goodnight delivers pep talk for "Made in the U.S.A."

10.04.2012 Defense rests in Racial Justice Act hearing 

10.03.2012 Democratic Leaders Endorse Pat McCrory for Governor

10.03.2012 Downtown Salisbury named to Top 10 Great Places

10.03.2012 Who pays Hoo? GOP counters with the mascot treatment

10.03.2012 Officials working on buffer rules for sweepstakes parlors

10.02.2012 New bus link opens up train travel to Jacksonville area

10.02.2012 City may package zoning, utility, annexation decisions

10.02.2012 NC education leaders lay out spending needs

10.02.2012 DOT will study economic impact of its $4.4 billion I-95 toll proposal

10.02.2012 Offshore drilling in Atlantic Ocean likely under Obama, Romney policies

10.02.2012 Statesman's heirs wrest historic papers from N.C.

10.02.2012 Food truck rodeo will raise funds

10.01.2012 Former legislator Walter Church Sr. dies

10.01.2012 Wilmington looks at how to handle sweepstakes appeals, annexation requests


N.C. to investigate firm

registering GOP voters

10.01.2012 Road Worrier: GOP, environmentalists mount fiscal challenges to DOT toll projects

10.01.2012 Sanderson case in court today

10.01.2012 'Move over' law expansion among 30 new laws in NC

10.01.2012 N.C. permanent license plates to undergo winnowing

Out and About in North Carolina


Cities Leading the Way:
Confronting NC Transportation Challenges
Wednesday - November 14 - Raleigh

Transportation Forum A Go! - Be part of the process on transportation funding challenges and future expectations of reform policies by attending the NCLM Transportation Forum, Wednesday November 14. Special guests and outside speakers will help pave the way during this interactive forum designed to confront NC's transportation challenges head-on. This event will not only be educational for those in attendance -- participants will play an important role in shaping the League's transportation reform policy positions for the 2013-14 biennium.  Get more information and register now. Contact: Paul Meyer

Joint Legislative Oversight Committee Meets - The future of the Mid-Currituck Bridge toll road project was discussed and debated at length today. While the project is designed to be completed via PPP, there is a significant disagreement between legislators as to whether the state should spend money on large new projects when road conditions are diminishing and less expensive improvement projects remain to be completed. No final decisions were made. Also, the NCDOT presented recommendations to revise the state secondary roads program to shift money from paving dirt roads to making safety improvements to existing paved secondary roads, by establishing a statewide prioritization process for unpaved roads. Contact: Paul Meyer

Municipal Investment Options Under Renewed Threat - Following the Security and Exchange Commission's opposition to imposing regulations on Money Market Funds (MMFs) that would have drastically limited their use for investment of public funds, Treasury Secretary Geithner, has asked the Department's Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) to consider such regulations. The regulations could prevent North Carolina municipalities from using MMFs as a cash equivalent.  Contact: Karl Knapp

Revenue Laws Study Committee - The General Assembly's Revenue Laws Study Committee met on October 3 and heard presentations on the application of local property taxes to leases of government property to private parties. State law requires that the private party pay tax on the value of the lease if it is a below market rate, and the Committee was concerned that the law is not being consistently applied across the State. Contact: Karl Knapp

811 Legislative Working Group in Full Swing - Legislation to modernize NC's 811 (underground utilities -- "call before you dig") laws will be introduced during the upcoming General Assembly session. The new laws will impact municipal utilities, and League representatives are serving on a working group which has been tasked with developing consensus legislation. At this point, there is a push to require mandated membership of all cities to the 811 system. Contact: Paul Meyer

Meeting with Top EPA Administrator - NCLM members and staff participated in a small meeting with top U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrators in Durham this week. Representatives from EPA's Washington, D.C., headquarters and Region 4, of which North Carolina is a part, were present. During the roundtable discussion, EPA Region 4 Administrator Gwendolyn Keyes Fleming received feedback on the biggest challenges posed to N.C. cities by EPA policies and regulations, such as nutrient regulation. NCLM looks forward to continuing its working relationship with Region 4 regulators. Contact: Erin Wynia

Mechanics of Annexation - The NCLM legal department has produced a 'Timeline for City-Initiated Annexation' for your reference.  The timeline is based on legislation passed in the 2012 short session of the General Assembly. Contact: Kim Hibbard

And That's a (W)RAC - This week, the NCLM Regulatory Action Committee (RAC) wrapped up its policy development work, voting on a set of 23 environmental regulatory goals to recommend to the League Board and membership. Beginning in January, RAC members have held over a dozen in-person and online meetings to review goal suggestions and debate language. The goals include topics like water quality, water supply, stormwater, and regulatory reform, and they address hot-button environmental issues facing N.C. cities and towns. Many thanks to the members of the League who dedicated their time to this effort over the past year. Contact: Erin Wynia

Tax & Finance Legislative Action Committee - Protecting and expanding local revenues was the focus of the member-submitted legislative goals that the Committee recommended to the Board of Directors at its September 27 meeting. Among the topics addressed were protecting State-collected municipal revenues, improving the ability to use contingency contracts for tax compliance, and establishing the option to choose local bidders in purchasing decisions. The Committee will continue to meet in October to review goals related to taxes and economic development. Contact: Karl Knapp

Legislative & Regulatory Action Committees Working Through Policy Recommendations - The NCLM policy committees continue to consider member generated advocacy proposals, in preparation for the Advocacy Goals Conference, January 24, 2013. Numerous proposers have taken the opportunity to advocate before these policy committees through the fall. Contact: Paul Meyer

Coming Soon

General Assembly - Full Legislative Calendar

NCLM Planning & Environment Legislative Action Committee, October 9, 10:00 am, Alamance Country Club, 2409 Pineway Drive, Burlington

Environmental Review Commission, October 11, 9:30 am, Legislative Office Building Room 544, Raleigh

NCLM Tax & Finance Legislative Action Committee, October 11, 10:00 am, Albert Coates Local Government Center, Raleigh

NCLM General Government Legislative Action Committee, October 17, 10:00 am, Albert Coates Local Government Center, Raleigh

NCLM Annual Conference, October 20-23, Charlotte Convention Center, Charlotte

NCLM Planning & Environment Legislative Action Committee, October 30, 10:00 am, Albert Coates Local Government Center, Raleigh

NCLM Transportation Forum, November 14, 9:30 am, Quorum Center, Raleigh