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LINC'ed IN: October 26, 2012 


THANK YOU for traveling to Charlotte - Thank you to the more than 550 League members that came together this week for the 2012 Annual Conference in Charlotte. We really appreciate you taking time from your schedule to join together to receive up-to-date information on ethics, legal and legislative issues. The concurrent sessions featured great discussion about a number of legislative topics vital to North Carolina's cities and towns. We hope that you were able to have additional helpful discussions during the opportunities to network with peers from across the state. And we hope that you enjoyed the entertainment and the Nascar Hall of Fame. We thank the City of Charlotte for hosting us, thank you for joining us, and we look forward to working together in the coming year.

DALTON, MCCRORY STRESS PARTNERSHIP WITH CITIES & TOWNS - Addressing League members at Annual Conference Tuesday, gubernatorial candidates Lt. Governor Walter Dalton and former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory emphasized a desire to work with cities and towns to grow jobs in local economies across the state.  

Dalton told city officials that he had a strong record of supporting programs important to local economic development, saying, “In my role as a state senator and as Lieutenant Governor, I have supported our big cities in incentives to bring businesses there, but I have also supported our rural counties and small towns.” Dalton cited his opposition to legislative cuts to funding programs through the N.C. Rural Economic Development Center, such as economic development and water and sewer infrastructure funds.

In his remarks, McCrory, reiterating a theme of “we need a mayor’s attitude in the Governor’s office right now,” spoke of building private sector jobs in partnership with local officials. “I promise to work with you,” he told League members, adding, “I guarantee it, if I’m going to be successful as Governor, it’s going to be because of a team effort working with you, Republicans, Democrats, small towns, mid-sized towns, and large cities alike.”

McCrory also addressed the issue of local authority, recalling from his time as mayor having to deal with unfunded state mandates and the loss of state-collected local revenues in 2002. “I had to deal with legislation that took local control away from you on issues on which you should have local control,” he said. “I believe government closest to the people is the most effective government you can have. Not all the decisions need to be made inside the Beltline. I want to de-centralize much of that decision-making to cities and to counties, because you are closest to the people and you understand what is happening on the ground.”

Cities Leading the Way:
Confronting NC Transportation Challenges
Wednesday - November 14 - Raleigh

Regstration is Open! - Be part of the process on transportation funding challenges and future expectations of reform policies by attending the NCLM Transportation Forum, Wednesday November 14. Special guests and outside speakers will help pave the way during this interactive forum designed to confront NC's transportation challenges head-on. This event will not only be educational for those in attendance -- participants will play an important role in shaping the League's transportation reform policy positions for the 2013-14 biennium. Get more information and register now.

Contact: Paul Meyer

Extra Extra

Lori Moye returns - A very important member of the NCLM Government Affairs Team has returned to work following maternity leave to be with her new daughter, Charlotte Annabelle.  Expect to see and hear much from staff associate Lori Moye as we wrap up fall meetings of the Legislative Action Committees next week and we move toward the Advocacy Goals Conference January 24, 2013.  Lori, we’re glad you’re back!

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