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 U.S. Communities has improved how you make purchases 


League partner U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance has improved how you make your purchases.

The new online marketplace allows you to access and purchase goods and services from multiple U.S. Communities vendors at one time. In other words, no more multiple transactions. You can order from every supplier with a single order.  Additionally, you can search across suppliers for the items you need, and compare similar items that may be offered by different suppliers.

The integrated, online marketplace is available to registered users on .

“We are pleased to offer another new solution that delivers value and cost savings to public agencies,” said Steve Hamill, general manager of U.S. Communities. “Our new online marketplace is a convenient platform that simplifies the purchasing process and provides agencies with real-time access to the best overall government pricing across our nationally recognized suppliers.”

U.S. Communities is offering daily webinars to educate participating agencies on the new portal. There is no additional cost to purchase online and no minimum purchase requirement for participating public agencies.


About U.S. Communities:

U.S. Communities™ Government Purchasing Alliance is a nonprofit government purchasing cooperative that assists N.C. municipalities and nonprofits in reducing the cost of purchased goods through pooling the purchasing power of public agencies nationwide. This is accomplished through competitively solicited contracts for quality products through lead public agencies.  Any member of the League can become a U.S. Communities Government Purchasing Alliance member. There is no charge to League members for this service.


About NCLM Endorsed Vendors

The League has endorsed vendors to provide products and services that meet certain criteria and standards, including superior qualifications and an excellent record of service to municipalities. Vendors chosen for endorsement submit to the League's oversight for an added level of quality assurance to our members, offer their products or services at a competitive or reduced price, and pay the League a portion of their sales to cover the costs associated with the marketing and management of their endorsement.