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 In the News, December 4, 2017 

NC Town Turns Problem Into Economic Boom

As development expands in even the smallest of North Carolina towns, erosion is a growing problem for existing waterways. That was the case for Mount Airy before city planners partnered with water conservation experts to find a solution that's paying back in big dividends. To prevent further erosion and clean up the Ararat River that passes through the town, more than six miles of greenway were built. Darren Lewis, Mount Airy’s assistant parks and recreation director, says in addition to fixing a problem, the Granite Greenway planted an economic seed. "We're really excited about what it has done for the private businesses that really see the value of the greenway,” he states. “It has created several businesses that have opened along the greenway."

High Point to Celebrate Stadium Groundbreaking With Demo Day

What looks like a pile of dirt in a parking lot is actually a symbol of progress for the City of High Point. A pitcher’s mound marks the spot where the city will build a brand new multi-use stadium, a children's museum, new apartments, stores, and more. After more than two years of debate and planning, Friday is demolition day! The city has made t-shirts and pennants and they're going to have lots of food, games, and prizes to celebrate the groundbreaking of the stadium.

Washington receives grant to revitalize downtown

The town of Washington just received a grant from the state to help make improvements. Downtown Washington may soon be seeing more traffic. The small town just received a big grant from the North Carolina Department of Commerce. $50,000 worth of projects will be done to revitalize the area. The city hopes the money will extend the scenic views from the waterfront to the shops and scenic views of downtown Washington. “We’ve had some discord in between our waterfront and our main street so this new street scape plan is supposed to unify that,” said Emily Rebert, Historic Preservation Planner for the City of Washington.

‘No Shave November’ Surf City Police raise over a thousand dollars

The Surf City Police Department raised money in November with their “No Shave November” fundraiser. The department raised $1,518 during the event from police officers, community citizens, and Gallagher’s Restaurant Manager, Peter Sloan. The money raised during November will go towards the Share the Table Food Ministries in Surf City. During the fundraiser, officers sported beards while in uniform. Surf City Police said the beards sparked conversation with citizens throughout the community, but the most important thing that the officers remembered was the way they were helping feed those less fortunate.