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 In The News, March 1, 2012 


Perdue orders a delay on N.C. "Ferry Tax." North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue is using her power to stop unpopular increases on ferry tolls at the coast with an executive order.


Oak Island Council works to balance budget with $4M shortfall. Town leaders in Oak Island were busy Tuesday trying to get their finances in order through the end of June.


Study: N.C. needs new regulations for 'fracking.' North Carolina needs to develop formal standards and technical criteria as part of an oil and gas regulatory program, according to a nonprofit group that studied the state's readiness at the request of environmental officials.

How does solar power stack up cost-wise in N.C.? A new report from the N.C. Sustainable Energy Association looking at the levelized cost of energy of solar photovoltaic systems shows that many systems were cost competitive with commercial retail electricity prices.


Scenic NC requests legal block to new tree cutting in billboard zones. Legal action by Scenic NC, Inc., is aimed at keeping the N.C. Department of Transportation from permitting vegetation removal – primarily trees – in front of billboards and other outdoor advertising under new temporary rules set to take effect today, March 1.