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 Annual Conference 


October 23-25, 2016 

CityVision 2016, the League’s annual conference, will offer engaging and enlightening programming designed to help elected and appointed municipal officials learn the latest on ways to improve their cities and towns. Held in Raleigh this year, the conference also offers a great opportunity for municipal officials from around the state to network and share best practices. A major focus of CityVision 2016 will be the implementation of the League’s outward-facing visioning process, and the six operating principles developed from that process, intended to better position the organization to help cities and towns achieve their vision of what their communities should be by 2030. The annual conference also is where members elect officers and make any constitutional or bylaw changes. We encourage you to join with fellow municipal officials from around the state and attend CityVision 2016! Don’t miss this opportunity to better prepare for the challenges that lie ahead for all North Carolina cities and towns.

Stay tuned for more event details as they come available.


2017     TBD

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