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 Annual Conference 


Raleigh Convention Center |October 23-25, 2016 


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CityVision 2016, the League’s annual conference, will offer engaging programming designed to help elected and appointed municipal officials learn the latest ways to improve their cities and towns. Held in Raleigh this year, the conference also offers a great opportunity for municipal officials from around the state to network and share best practices.

CityVision 2016 will focus on how to implement Vision 2030, the League’s outward-facing strategic visioning process, and the six operating principles developed from that process. Doing so will better position the League to help member cities and towns achieve their vision of what their communities should be by 2030.

The annual conference also is where members elect officers and make any constitutional or bylaw changes. We encourage you to join with fellow municipal officials from around the state and attend CityVision 2016! Don’t miss this opportunity to better prepare for the challenges that lie ahead for all North Carolina cities and towns.



Vision 2030 identified six key areas, defined as operating principles, where North Carolina’s cities and towns would like to be better positioned by the Year 2030. With that in mind, CityVision 2016 is assembling  speakers who will break down the operating principles and provide examples of ways to implement them into cities’ and towns’ own planning. Plenary and breakout sessions will combine high-level planning with detailed implementation strategies to use back at home. Attendees will learn about strategies to address the changing communications landscape, building and maintaining a strong economic foundation, and cultural and demographic shifts. 



To continue to thrive, municipalities big and small must continue to demonstrate the value that they provide to residents. This year’s conference will examine ways in which municipalities can take advantage of communications technology to better engage citizens and to enhance service delivery. It will look at the League’s emerging Here We Grow media campaign and how it can  help cities and towns better tell their story and demonstrate their value to residents and state policy leaders. The conference also will examine ways to better measure that value. 



The demographic and cultural changes facing North Carolina municipalities have never been greater. These changes require greater financial and service flexibility of municipalities, affecting everything from land-use planning to law enforcement. Conference speakers will discuss how municipalities are and can adapt in this changing world, looking at best practices both broadly and in very specific service delivery areas.



The world of economic development and municipalities’ role in that world is rapidly evolving, whether that means recruiting retail businesses or creating a unique local culture that is attractive to talented workers and meshes well with a company’s culture. Learn how cities and towns are redefining themselves in ways big and small — and bringing new businesses to town and establishing stronger connections to those businesses. See how they are building upon successes. Learn how they are marketing themselves to businesses in ways that take advantage of their uniqueness and the investments being made.


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