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 Annual Conference 

CityVision 2016 Annual Conference in Raleigh

CityVision 2016 Accelerate!, the League's annual conference held in Raleigh on Oct. 23-25, has gone into the books as a massive success with more than 600 attendees representing 200-plus municipalities that showed strong statewide positioning for the 2017-18 biennium along with top-quality leadership back home.

The energized slate of municipal officials participated in affiliate group meetings, vital networking, idea-sharing, a lively gala and awards presentations as well as new programming like the "Town Talks" that brought out experts on issues important to today's cities and towns. Speakers like Hilary Greenberg, Mac McCarley and Ron Kimble gave crucial information on local economic development strategies and downtown revitalization; Harris Vaughan detailed the League's important, new Here We Grow campaign highlighting cities' and towns' economic development successes (explore; Tony Buettner discussed happiness and longevity for residents in municipalities; Dan Burden discussed smart town planning and transportation advancements; and Jack Ryan went over modern challenges for law enforcement officers. The conference was also merged with the Advocacy Goals Conference, which set League priorities for 2017-18. The League would like to thank all guests and municipal, policy and legislative officials who made CityVision 2016 such a success.

Some of the conference presentations are available below.

Ethics training for Local Elected Officials

Public-Private Partnerships for Revitalization in NC Communities


Future Annual Conference

2017     September 20-22 in Greenville, NC. More details available soon.