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Up Front, a message from the President

May 25, 2016

Earlier this week, the League’s Government Affairs team met with and helped prepare Sunset Beach officials in advance of a legislative committee hearing in which committee members considered a controversial local annexation bill. Rather than get into the details of the bill or the disputes that led to it, a key takeaway is that the result will hopefully be that all parties will work together to resolve the issues and that the bill, before final passage, will prove unnecessary.

By all accounts, that result is possible because of the calm and deliberation of Sunset Beach Mayor Ron Watts and other town officials, and because of the knowledge of League staff in advising them about how best to proceed before the committee. It is this kind of assistance for which the League was created and demonstrates how members and staff can work together for a good outcome.

It is this same type of working relationship, on a much larger scale, that will take place in two weeks when we all gather for Town Hall Day. While there will be hundreds of municipal officials from across the state, instead of a handful from one town, the goal will be the same: to present our story, to find common ground, to find paths to move forward.

Posted on May 25, 2016 by Scott Mooneyham