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Letter to Legislators Urges Support of HB 117 NC Competes Act

March 04, 2015

Dear Member of the North Carolina General Assembly,

The North Carolina League of Municipalities urges your support of House Bill 117 NC Competes Act. By infusing the state’s Job Development Investment Grant program with needed money and restoring dollars to the Site Infrastructure Development fund, this legislation supports major goals of the 540 cities and towns that make up the NCLM to keep North Carolina competitive when it comes to bringing jobs and economic development to our state.

North Carolina cannot afford to sit on the economic development sidelines as our nation’s economy continues moving forward. Our neighboring states, with their competitive economic development incentives and aggressive industrial recruiting efforts, certainly are not doing so. Ignoring this reality will result in communities across the state missing out on crucial economic development projects. Those projects mean jobs for our citizens.

The League also urges you to keep this legislation clean. As past experience has shown, encumbering incentives legislation with tax changes or unrelated funding is a sure formula for failure. 

North Carolinians expect their elected officials to take bold action when it comes to the most important matter before them – the creation of jobs. We hope that you will vote “yes” on House Bill 117.

Paul Meyer
Executive Director
NC League of Municipalities


Posted on March 04, 2015 by Scott Mooneyham