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Media Roundup: Local Control, Budget & More

March 20, 2013

As the pace of action at the General Assembly continues to increase, media around the state are picking up on items of interest to N.C. cities and towns. Below is a sampling of several articles of note. Please continue to follow along with our LeagueLINC Bulletins for a weekly round-up of all the action in Raleigh, and let us know how we can be of assistance to you. It is more important than ever that you be in regular contact with your local delegation.

Local Control

Already this week two longtime observers of North Carolina politics have penned pieces expressing concern about the General Assembly’s willingness to pass legislation taking assets and authorities from local government. Scott Mooneyham of the N.C. Insider and Rick Martinez of N.C. Spin cited similar examples, such as the Charlotte airport bill, in making their cases. Members of the General Assembly need to hear this same message from you and your citizens if we want to continue having local decisions made locally.

Mooneyham: Cities face more curbs on power

Martinez: Enough with the state’s GOP leaders meddling in local affairs

Budget/Tax Reform

The Governor’s budget proposal was released this morning, and the League will soon have more for you on provisions that would affect municipalities. WRAL has a preview of that budget and an extensive layout of the state’s budgeting process. The Governor’s budget did not include details of a major tax reform proposal, but the News & Observer this morning provided new details on the types of services that could be taxed under an expanded sales tax base.

WRAL: McCrory’s budget likely to target education, Medicaid

N&O: Lawmakers look at adding taxes to 130 more services

Building Design Controls

Yesterday the N.C. House gave initial approval to legislation limiting city and town authority to impose design & aesthetic controls on residences within their jurisdiction. Both the News & Observer and WRAL provided coverage of the bill’s passage.

N&O: NC House OKs limits on residential standards

WRAL: House OKs limits on cities’ design rules

Posted on March 20, 2013 by Chris Nida